P.E starts next Monday!!

From Mrs. Fisher

Please remind your students that I will FINALLY be coming to your classroom on Monday.
A few things to remember:

I’ll be going outdoors every day when possible, based on the Penn Manor weather policy.

  • Wear Sneakers (and bring an extra pair of shoes for before / after PE).  The grass will be wet in the morning and does not dry until late afternoon.
  • Bring an extra pair of socks
  • Bring a personal water bottle clearly labelled with student’s name
  • Bring a plastic bag to put belongings in backpack
  • Wear outer layer(s) appropriate for the weather conditions

I am looking forward to each of your classes! 
Jenna Fisher Pequea Elementary School Physical Education Specialist

Free or reduced meal program

All families…It provides you a great benefit that lasts all year. Applications should be submitted ASAP. Please see below…

One wonderful service is our Free and Reduced meal program. If you think that this could be helpful for  your family, I would  encourage you to fill out the application to determine if you are eligible. It helps our school and it helps our families. To complete this application, you can follow this link to our food services page. Once there, scroll down to the APPLY for FREE / REDUCED APPLICATION.

Many parents don’t fill out the application because they begin the year with free meals. This application MUST BE RENEWED every year. If you are still getting this service, it is left over from a previous year and the service will run out in the beginning of October. 

Please be proactive and complete the application by Wednesday September 30th! 

Please note: 

Even though ALL students are getting FREE breakfast and lunch currently, this only lasts until January 3rd of next year.  At that point, students will need to start paying for lunches and breakfast again. Please apply now, it will be beneficial to your family and our school!

Even if your child attends Penn Manor Virtual School, they can receive meals.  Here is the link for more information.

Here is the  free/reduced lunch information link:

Free and reduced lunch information

Here is the application link:

application link

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.