Water Bottles

We are officially OUT of water bottles so, starting Monday March 1st, the children will need to bring their own. Please send in a filled bottle and, hopefully, that will last until the end of the day. We do have the filling station, but I have told the children we will not be having a steady stream of kids running to it throughout the day.  A filled water bottle at the beginning of the day and refilling once during the day should be sufficient in most cases. Thank you


Tomorrow marks our LAST school day in February. I cannot believe March is already here. Below are a some updates to keep note of:

Tomorrow February 26th is our House spirit day. Students can come to school dressed in their house shirt or house colors. Awali will receive their reward for being the house champion during the second marking period. They will have an extra recess tomorrow!

Monday March 1st: We will start P.E for special

Tuesday March 2nd: Lesson 18 Spelling Test

Wednesday: Library Book Exchange

Friday March 5th: Early Dismissal

Saturday March 6th: deadline for online yearbooks orders

Next week kicks off our March Madness month. Everyday there will be a new spirit day. Your student can choose how many they want to participate in. The spirit day calendar is below


We have reached our last full week of February! WAHOOO. Due to our two virtual school days ALL of our tests have been moved to Monday February 22nd.

Monday February 22nd: Penn Manor or Pequea Dress up day, L17 Spelling Test, Ch.2 Math Chapter Test and Reading Tests

Friday February 26th: Awali’s Extra recess (2nd Marking period House Champion prize) and HOUSE SPIRIT DAY (wear your house colors)


There are two more days until your valentines are due! If you plan to participate please have your valentines in by Wednesday February 10th.

Spelling Test will be on Wednesday February 10th

Our 100th day of school is Friday February 12th. In celebration we are having a 100th day T-shirt competition. Those of you who would like to participate can have your student come to school in their unique 100 themed t-shirt!

You do not have to purchase anything new to make the shirt, you can use an old shirt from home, and 100 items can be glued, sewn, or drawn on the shirt. Some ideas are:
band-aids              buttons                  stickers                   coins
cotton balls           feathers                 googly eyes          legos
photos                   letters                     ribbons                   thumbprints           small toys               craft items
or you can use a marker and draw stars, letters, shapes — anything you like! There are many ideas online. Be creative and have fun.

Reminder: 1 Week until the 100th Day of School

** Valentines must be in school by Wednesday Feb. 10th (1 week away) As of right now I have 22 students. Please be sure if you’re bringing a valentine there is one for every student. 

**If there is a treat, it must be individually store-wrapped (lollipops, etc.). We cannot accept homemade treats.

I have included the names of my second grade team below! This list will also be going home today with the kiddos. Please let me know if you have any questions