Weekly Update:

Monday Jan. 10th:  Day D- Applied Engineering.

Tuesday Jan. 11th:  Day A- Special is Art. Reading/Spelling Tests (date pushed back due to us not being at school on Friday)

Wednesday Jan. 12th: Day B: Special is Gym.

Thursday Jan. 13th Day C: Special is Music.

Friday Jan. 14th:  D- Applied Engineering.

Looking ahead:

Monday January 17th- No School (Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday)

Thursday January 20th- End of Marking Period 2

Friday January 21st- No School

Friday January 28th- Early Dismissal

Check out below to see what we are learning next week.


We have been learning the difference between fiction vs nonfiction.

Grammar: Singular vs Plural Possessive Nouns


Module 4: Addition and Subtraction within 200. Word problems within 100.

-Add and subtract multiples of 10 including counting on to

– Add and subtract multiples of 10 and some ones within 100.

-Add and subtract multiples of 10 and some ones within 100


The past week we have started our types of Energy unit. We learned how energy is all around us in different forms, starting with Solar energy,

This week we will be learning about wind, hydro, fossil fuels and how to conserve energy.

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