Weekly Update:

Monday September 19th : Day B: Special is Art.

Tuesday September 20th:  Day C: Special is Music. Library books should be back at school by this time if they go home and PTO movie night money is due on this day.

Wednesday September 21st:  Day D: Special is Applied Engineering. Lesson 2 Spelling and Reading Tests are on this day. Library Exchange

Thursday September 22nd- Day A: Special is Art.

Friday September 23rd- Day B: Special is Art. Early Dismissal

Looking ahead:

Thursday October 6th- School Picture Day

Friday October 7th- Early Dismissal

Reading Lesson 3 in Storytown:

Story Genre: Realistic Fiction

Focus Skill: Main Idea & Details

Grammar: Commands and exclamations

Writing skill: Sentences- sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark. Sentences have a telling and an action part.

Math: Module 1 Sums and Differences to 100.

Lesson 6: Subtract single-digit numbers from multiples of 10 within 100.

Lesson 7: Take from 10 within 20.

Lesson 8: Take from 10 within 100.

Final Test for Module 1

Content-Social Studies:

This week we start our geography unit with landforms. Students learned the difference between mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, valleys, canyons and three different plains.

Next week students will learn about the islands, peninsula, oceans, and different streams of water.

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