Weekly Update✨

Monday October 10th: No School -Columbus Day

Tuesday October 11th:  Day A: Special is Gym

Wednesday October 12th:  Day B: Special is Art. Fire Trucks visit the school!

Thursday October 13th- Day C : Special is Music. Library books should be back at school by this time if they go home.

Friday October 14th- Day D: Special is Applied Engineering. Book Exchange

Looking ahead:

Monday October 10th-No School

Week of October 10th- Fire Prevention Week

Week of 16th- Bus driver Appreciation week

Week of 23rd- Red Ribbon Week

Reading Lesson 5 in Storytown:

Story Genre: Non-Fiction- a story that gives facts about a topic

Focus Skill: Main Idea & Details and Characters

Grammar: Review Parts of a Sentence and types of sentences

Writing Skill: Paragraph of information

Math: Module 2 Addition and Subtraction of length units.

Lesson 5: Develop the ability to estimate by applying prior knowledge of length

Lesson 6: Measure and compare lengths using centimeters and meters.

Lesson 7: Measure and compare lengths using standard metric length units and non-standard length units; relate measurement to unit size.

Content-Social Studies:

This past week we focused on the different qualities of maps and globes, different types and features on both.

Next week we will be focusing on directions on a compass, making a map of our classroom and how to use directions to get to different locations.

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