Weekly Update🍂

This week is Red Ribbon Week! Every day will be a different spirit day where students are encouraged to participate by dressing up. Check out the different dress up attire below

Monday October 24th: Day B: Special is Art. Wear red clothes

Tuesday October 25th:  Day C: Special is Music. Wear a team jersey or Penn Manor gear. Our Storytown reading and spelling tests are scheduled for this day. Library books should be back at school by this time if they go home.

Wednesday October 26th:  Day D: Special is Applied Engineering.  Wear Mismatched Clothing. Library Book Exchange is today

Thursday October 27th- Day A : Special is Gym. Wear pajamas but please no slippers.

Friday October 28th- Day B: Special is Art. Wear house color shirts and sweatpants.

Looking ahead:

November 4th- No School for students

November 9th- We will be having a VIP breakfast. One person can come and have breakfast with their student at the school. A purple form came home with more information about this last week.

November 9th- Scholastic Book fair

Thanksgiving food drive ends November 11th- Second grade is collecting canned corn

Reading Lesson 7 in Storytown:

Story Genre: Realistic fiction- the story is made up but could really happen in real life.

Focus Skill: Making predictions- use story details and use prior knowledge to help you make a prediction of what may happen next while you are reading.

Grammar: Singular and plural nouns

Writing Skill: Paragraph writing with a topic, 3 detailed sentences and a conclusion sentence.

Math: Module 2 Addition and Subtraction of length units.

Lesson 9: Measuring lengths of string using measurement tools and using tape diagrams to compare and measure lengths.

Lesson 10: Apply understanding of measurement by solving two-step word problems

Review of Module 2

Module 2 Test tentatively scheduled for Friday October 28th

Content-Social Studies:

This week we finished our geography unit and will be starting our animals unit first by learning abiotic versus biotic factors then transitioning to our animals unit where students will learn the characteristics and differentiate between the following animal groups; birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids.

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