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*Second Grade is collecting canned corn for our Thanksgiving Food Drive until November 11th*

Monday October 31st: Day C: Special is Music. Library books should be back at school by this time if they go home.

Tuesday November 1st:  Day D: Special is Art. Book Exchange. End of Marking Period 1

Wednesday November 2nd:  Day A: Special is Gym.  Lesson 7 Storytown reading and spelling tests will be on this day.

Thursday November 3rd- Day B: Special is Art.

Friday November 4th – No School for students

Looking ahead:

Thursday November 3rd is the last day to sign up for conferences. Please contact me if you need assistance with this.

On Thursday November 3rd, I will be one of the teachers who will be sleeping on the rooftop of Pequea. We are inviting families to come back to the school at 7:45pm to socialize and watch us get lifted onto the roof by the local fire department at around 8pm. We plan on doing a live stream bedtime story at 8:45pm. The link for that will be in Dr. Murray’s weekly Friday email.

Wednesday November 9th VIP breakfast and Book Fair shopping day

Tuesday November 15th Picture Retake day

Reading Lesson 8 in Storytown:

Story Genre: Pourquoi Tale- a kind of folktale. Look for a reason why something happens in nature.

Focus Skill: Making predictions- use story details and use prior knowledge to help you make a prediction of what may happen next while you are reading.

Grammar: Common and Proper Nouns- Proper nouns name a specific person, place, thing, or animal. Proper nouns begin with a capital letter.

Writing Skill: Paragraph writing with a topic, 3 detailed sentences and a conclusion sentence. To capitalize a proper noun. To use basic rules of punctuation.

Math: Module 3 Place Value, Counting, and Comparison of Numbers to 1,000

Lesson 1: Put together and count ones, tens, and hundreds up to 1,000.

Lesson 2: Count up and down between 100 and 220 using ones and tens.

Lesson 3: Count up and down between 99 and 1,000 using hundreds, tens and ones


This week we introduced abiotic and biotic factors and learned important characteristics of fish and amphibians.

Next week we will learn about the following animal groups; reptiles, birds and mammals.

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