Weekly Update:

Monday January 9th: Day A: Special is Gym.

Tuesday January 10th:  Day B: Special is Art. Lesson 13 Spelling and Reading Tests are on this day.

Wednesday January 11th  Day C: Special is Music. If library books go home, they should be back at school on this day. Students are permitted to wear pajamas on this day.

Thursday January 12th- Day D: Special is Applied Engineering. Library book exchange.

Friday January 13th- Day A: Special is Gym.

Looking ahead:

Monday January 16th- No School for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Friday January 20th- No school

Friday January 27th- Early Dismissal


Story Genre: Nonfiction- a story that has real facts about a topic.

Grammar: Pronouns- a pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. Ex: she, he, they, them, you, us.

Writing skill: Dialogues- students will learn to write short dialogues using quotation marks.


Module 4: Addition and subtraction within 200 with word problems to 100.

Lesson 3: Add and subtract multiples of 10 and some ones within 100.

Lesson 4: Add and subtract multiples of 10 and some ones within 100.

Lesson 5: Solve one and two-step word problems within 100 using place value strategies.

Content-Social Studies

This week we started our energy unit. Students received an introduction on different types of energy such as heat, wind, electrical and hydro.

Next week we will go in depth about the advantages and disadvantages of solar, wind and hydro-electrical energy.

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