Weekly Update ✍🏾

*There will not be any reading homework the week of January 17th due to modified reading station scheduling*

Monday January 16th: No school for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tuesday January 17th:  Day B: Special is Art.

Wednesday January 18th  Day C: Special is Music. If library books go home, they should be back at school on this day

Thursday January 19th– Day D: Special is Applied Engineering. Lesson 14 Reading and Spelling Tests are on this day. Library book exchange.

Friday January 20th- No School: In-service Day

Looking ahead:

Friday January 27th- Early Dismissal Wear house colors day

February 10th- Early Dismissal

February 14th- Valentine’s Day: wear red


Story Genre: Nonfiction- a story that has real facts about a topic.

Grammar: Pronouns- a pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. Ex: she, he, they, them, you, us.

Writing skill: Dialogues- students will learn to write short dialogues using quotation marks.


Module 4: Addition and subtraction within 200 with word problems to 100.

Lesson 5: Solve one- and two step word problems within 100 using strategies based in place value.

Lesson 6: Use manipulatives to represent the composition of 10 ones as 1 ten with two-digit addends.

Lesson 7: Relate addition using manipulatives to a written vertical method.

Content-Social Studies

This week we went into depth about the advantages and disadvantages of solar, wind, hydro-electrical energy and fossil fuels.

Next week we will go over how to converse and save energy in our daily lives.

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