Color and Mooooooood!

Hello my most amazing artists (and family!) I hope you all are doing well. The sunshine has been making more of an appearance, and I hope you all have spent some time outside! I loved the variety of mood artworks, creatures, and monsters I received last week! I’ve attached the gallery below to take a look.

The next art assignment has been posted here. This week, we are creating artwork out of FOOD! Yes! Take a look at the powerpoint to see some contemporary artists and their works, as well as the works created by the PM Elementary art department. I personally chose to use a Burger King advertisement to make my work. Check out my slide to learn about my process!

Found Object Color Wheels

WOW! My Martic and Letort students are incredible! I received SO MANY color wheels this week, and each one was so unique! For this assignment, students were to find objects in their home in each color on the color wheel (primary, secondary, and for my intermediate students, tertiary!) and arrange them to recreate a color wheel. Check out the incredible gallery below to see their creations!

If you have not completed the color wheel assignment, feel free to send them over the weekend as well! I am tracking student participation in Sapphire, and the assignment will be marked as Received. Feel free to send assignments, any questions, and general hello’s to my email

Our next assignment will be posted on the remote learning site here on Monday! We will review how Color and Line can influence the Mood of an artwork, and students will create their own Mood Creature! Full details to follow.

Now check out these color wheels!

Nature Art!

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to share the results of this week’s assignment, a nature artwork inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy! Click here if you missed the powerpoint about him.

On Monday, the next art assignment will be posted. It’s a really fun activity related to the color wheel. You can find that assignment on the art page, which is posted here on the remote learning website. As a reminder, please email me photos of the completed art project, including student response to the attached writing prompt!

Below is a gallery of many of the nature artworks I received. Take a look at the variety of ways students used line, shape, color, and texture in these creative artworks.

Keep Creating !

Hello my most amazing artists! I just wanted to share some works that I have received in my email last week, so we can spread some artistic cheer through the community. Below are some works. Some are the Hero assignment posted on the remote learning website, and some are students using their own creativity to make their works! Please feel free to send me any extra art that students are creating as well as assignments! I love to see them.

Please also check out the remote learning site here to see the next assignment posted. This art assignment focuses on the artist Andy Goldsworthy and using natural found objects to create art.

Office Hours and Assignments

Hello my wonderful Letort and Martic families! I just wanted to provide an update about remote learning and getting in contact with me.

All art assignments will be posted to the remote learning website here. Assignments are listed with the newest prompts towards the top, and I encourage students to spend at least 30 minutes a week on these prompts. The best way for students to submit these assignments to me personally is through my email (

Office hours for Penn Manor teachers begin on April 13th. My specific hours for both Letort and Martic are 9:00AM – 10:00 AM, meaning if you email at that time, I will get back to you very quickly. I am also available for extended clarification of assignments or instruction during that time. However, if you email me outside of that window, you will receive a response within 24 hours. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions.

I’m excited to see what all of my wonderful artists have in store for us! Stay healthy, miss you all!

— Miss Anderson

Look at these beautiful artworks!

My oh my, my Martic and Letort students have been quite busy at home. Below are a variety of artworks shared with me these past two weeks. Some are responses to the assignment “Create a portrait of your hero” and some are students using materials they have at home to create their own masterpieces! Remember, please share your works with me at my email so I can see what you’ve been up to! Stay tuned for the next art assignment to be posted.

An Update on Art at Home

Hello my wonderful artists and their families! I hope you all are doing well during these unprecedented times. On Monday, Penn Manor will deploy a landing page with links to all Elementary grades and subjects to provide optional enrichment for students to complete at home. Under the art tab, there will be an activity for students to complete if they would like to keep their creative juices flowing. If a student completes the assignment, please send me a photo of their created work with their name and class! I would love to share it here, on the school blogs, and on my teacher social medias (with your permission of course)!

If you have any questions about optional assignments, other art questions, or just want to reach out to share or say hi, email is the best way to reach me. I will also communicate through this blog and my Twitter and Instagram linked below.


Twitter: @msanderart

Instagram: @msanderart

Wishing you all well!!

–Miss Anderson