Found Object Color Wheels

WOW! My Martic and Letort students are incredible! I received SO MANY color wheels this week, and each one was so unique! For this assignment, students were to find objects in their home in each color on the color wheel (primary, secondary, and for my intermediate students, tertiary!) and arrange them to recreate a color wheel. Check out the incredible gallery below to see their creations!

If you have not completed the color wheel assignment, feel free to send them over the weekend as well! I am tracking student participation in Sapphire, and the assignment will be marked as Received. Feel free to send assignments, any questions, and general hello’s to my email

Our next assignment will be posted on the remote learning site here on Monday! We will review how Color and Line can influence the Mood of an artwork, and students will create their own Mood Creature! Full details to follow.

Now check out these color wheels!

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