Week of April 24th……

Hello 5th Grade Martic Families,

I hope everyone had a good weekend and got to enjoy the beautiful weather on Sunday! Today, the children completed the first section of their Math PSSA.  They worked extremely hard, and we are very proud of them!  Keep up the excellent work 5th Graders!!!

Reading:  Today we combined reading and social studies.  We worked with our Time for Kids magazine by reading, analyzing, and discussing some of the current events articles. We then partnered up and began working on a writing activity that required us to refer back to the articles to find evidence to support our answers.  We also read, analyzed, and discussed a passage on the Battle of Saratoga.  Our discussion was based on why the Battle of Saratoga was the turning point in the American Revolution. Tuesday, we will combine reading and social studies again.  Beginning on Wednesday, we will use the remainder of the week to get into our next set of readers’ theater groups to practice our fluency and prepare to perform for our reading class. This group of readers’ theaters scripts are “Twisted Fairytales”! They are very humorous, and I am looking forward to the children engaging with the scripts and each other! 

Spelling:  Due to our Math PSSA testing we are not doing a spelling unit this week.

Math: In math this week we will start our PSSA testing Monday-Wednesday. After testing is complete, on Thursday and Friday we will complete our reviews of the most recent units, 11 and 12. Students will review how to convert measurements in the metric and customary system, as well as classifying geometric shapes based on their characteristics. Since students will be working so hard Monday-Wednesday on the PSSA testing, there will be no additional math homework this week. Please get some rest each night after the tests, and come to school ready to go!


Tuesday (4/25) and Wednesday (4/26) : Math PSSA testing in the morning.  Please help your child to get a good night sleep and to eat a good breakfast.  Thanks so much!

Have a wonderful week, and thank you for your support!

Mrs. Eby 🙂


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