Week of May 8th……

Hello Martic 5th Grade Families,

We are rolling right along and keeping our noses to the grindstone.  Keep up the hard work 5th graders!

Reading: This week, we will wrap up our peer comprehension and focus skill activities as well as our independent vocabulary activity for lesson twenty-six.  We will read current event articles from our Time for Kids magazine, analyze and discuss them.  Also, we will work through the TFK written comprehension activities with a group as we unpack our thinking for each other.  Next, we will dive into lesson twenty-seven.  Our focus skill is to summarize and paraphrase text along with understanding the similarities and differences between them. Our reading passage is a biography about Klondike Kate.

Spelling:  Due to Olympic Day this morning and going to the Fulton on Friday, we are not completing a spelling unit this week.  Your child will not have spelling homework or a spelling test.

Math: In math this week we will spend two more days reviewing fraction computation. The goal for Tuesday and Wednesday will be for students to distinguish between adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fraction word problems. On Thursday and Friday we will review the steps to calculating area and perimeter. During our area and perimeter review, we will incorporate converting units of measurement, as well as adding and multiplying fractions. After this week we will begin our preview of sixth grade math.

Reminders:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               This Friday morning, May 12th,  we go to the Fulton Opera House to see James and the Giant Peach!

Friday, May 12th is also a 1:30 dismissal day.

Thank you for all of your support and have a wonderful week!


Mrs. Eby 🙂

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