Week of May 15th……

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend.  Our trip to the Fulton, last Friday, was quite a success!  The play, James and the Giant Peach, was very entertaining and so was  our back stage tour.  We learned about the interesting history of the Fulton while taking the tour, too.  Today, a Fulton actress and actor came to Martic and helped us stretch our brains and imaginations as we worked through a few acting exercises.  We had a great time and the children really seemed to enjoy themselves!  Ask your child about it.  Here’s what we’ll be doing this week.

Curriculum News:

Reading:  Today we did our second close reading of our biography passage about Klondike Kate.  This helped us to be successful when independently completing the comprehension activity.  As the week continues, we will work through our vocabulary and focus skill activities on our own as well. On Friday, we will begin lesson twenty-eight.

Spelling:  Your child received his/her spelling homework packet today.  She/he knows that the packet is due on Thursday, and the test will be on Friday.

Math: In math this week we will begin our preview of 6th grade level math. On Monday we will review how to find the GCF and LCM of a set of numbers up to 100. On Tuesday we will learn about ratios, and how to simplify a ratio of two quantities. Wednesday we will practice finding the unit rate of a situation, and connect rate to ratio. Next on Thursday we will use ratio tables and scaling to solve real world problems involving equivalent ratios. Finally on Friday, we will end the week with a review of graphing ordered pairs, and connect that to solving problems involving ratios. Keep up the hard work on your homework this week!

I can’t believe that we are getting so close to the end of the school year.  Where is the time going?  Have a wonderful week and thank you for your continuous support!


Mrs. Eby  🙂


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