Week of October 30th…..

Hello Everyone,

Our 5th graders continue to stretch their brains and make them stronger every day!  Woooo Hoooo…… Our 5th Graders ROCK!!!  Here are a few ways that we will challenge and work our brains this week.

Curriculum News:

Reading:  Today, we did our second close reading of our realistic fiction passage and completed the comprehension activity independently.  Tomorrow, we will review how to break a narrative down in order to identify the main theme of a story.  We will also do our independent and buddy study of our vocabulary for lesson seven.  These activities will help us to be successful as we independently complete our focus skill and vocabulary activities as well.  Wednesday, we will wrap up lesson seven as needed, and on Thursday, we will begin lesson eight.  Lesson eight’s focus skill is using time clues to identify the sequence of events in a reading selection and to recognize sequence as one type of text structure.  Our reading selection is a narrative nonfiction.


Spelling:  Your child received his/her spelling homework packet today.  Since it is a short week, our spelling test will be on Thursday along with the homework packet being due also.

Math: This week in math we will be wrapping up unit 4, and beginning our fifth unit of the year. On Monday we completed review stations for everything on unit 4, and we will take the test on Wednesday. There will be no study guide this time, since the test is only the skill of division. On Wednesday we will review how to round decimals ranging from the nearest whole number to the hundredths place. On Thursday we will wrap up the week with estimating the sums and differences of decimals out to the thousandths place. Since it is another short week, students have the option of handing in their math homework early on Thursday, or wait until Monday of next week.


Thursday, November 3rd:  The children do not have school.

If you ordered school pictures, your child should have brought them home last Friday.  Class pictures will come at a later date.

Thank you for your support, and have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Eby 🙂


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