Week of January 2, 2018…

Hello Everyone,

Happy 2018!  Your children came back from break today ready to jump into our routine… Way to go 5th graders!!!  Here’s how we will be stretching our brains and making them stronger this week.

Curriculum News:

Reading:  Today we began lesson thirteen.  Our focus skill is identifying cause and effect relationships between and among literary elements, and our passage is a tall tale.  We were introduced to our new robust vocabulary words and started our vocabulary lesson.  Wednesday we will finish up our vocabulary lesson, plus do our first close reading of our tall tale.  Thursday and Friday we will complete our second close reading of our tall tale as we unpack our thinking along the way. This will prepare us for our comprehension, vocabulary, and focus skill activities.

Spelling:  Your child received their lesson 15 homework packet today.  It is a review lesson, so there are four activity pages instead of three.  Also, we do not have challenge/bonus words this week. Since today is Tuesday, your child knows that the packet is not due until Friday.  The spelling test will be given on Friday as well.

Math: This week in math we begin our eighth unit, which is fractions and decimals. Tuesday we will begin by relating fractions to division and talk about converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. Tuesday will be a review day for GCF, and Wednesday we will apply GCF to simplifying fractions. On Friday we will take a quick quiz on GCF, simplifying, and fractions related to division, then practice finding the LCM of a group of numbers. Keep up the hard work in math fifth graders!

Thank you for your support, have a wonderful week, and stay warm!

Mrs. Eby 🙂

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