Week of January 8th…

Hi Everybody,

It’s me, Mrs. Eby, again…  I told you I’d be back today. Keep reading to find out what’s going on this week and how we will exercise our brains!

Curriculum News:

Reading:  Yesterday we did our second close reading of our tall tale and worked through our comprehension activity.  Today, we moved into our independent and buddy study of our vocabulary words, as well as, reviewed identifying cause and effect relationships.  This enabled us to successfully get started on our independent vocabulary and focus skill activities. Tomorrow, we will wrap up our activities for lesson thirteen. Thursday, we will work with our Time for Kids magazine by doing some reading, analyzing, and having an open floor discussion. On Friday, we will begin lesson fourteen.  Our focus skill is to recognize cause and effect organization /text structure in expository text.  Our reading passage is an expository nonfiction piece.  I know everyone will continue to give 150% effort… Way to go!!!

 Spelling:  The children did not get a new list of words or homework packet this week.  They will turn last week’s packet in this Thursday and take the test on Friday.
Math: This week in math we are continuing our fractions and decimals unit. Monday we learned about simplifying fractions using the GCF, and Tuesday we learned how to find the least common multiple of a set of numbers. Wednesday will be a review day to practice everything we have learned so far in unit 8. On Thursday our focus will be comparing fractions as greater, less, or equal. Friday will end the week learning how to convert fractions to decimals, by turning denominators into multiples of 10 or 100. The following week we will review everything we learned in unit 8 on Wednesday, and take our end of unit test on Thursday. Keep up the hard work in math fifth graders!
This Friday, Jan. 12th:  School is NOW in session
Next Monday, Jan. 15th:  School is not in session
Next Tuesday, Jan. 16th:  Students DO NOT HAVE SCHOOL  due to teacher in-service that was originally scheduled for Friday, Jan. 12th.
Thank you for your support, have a wonderful week, and enjoy the warmer weather that is coming our way!
Mrs. Eby 🙂
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