Week of February 12th…

Hello Everyone,

Here’s to a complete five day week… We are looking forward to exercising, stretching, and making our brains stronger!!! Read on to find out some of the activities that we will be engaged in.


Curriculum News:


Reading:  Monday and Tuesday, we will be reviewing our new robust vocabulary and focus skill of inferencing for lesson sixteen. These review activities will enable us to proficiently complete our independent vocabulary and focus skill exercises. Wednesday, we will read to gain information from our Time for Kids magazine and hold our open floor discussion on some of the articles.  On each of these days, we will also continue to transfer our RAP+C graphic organizer rough draft into a five paragraph essay. Thursday, we will begin lesson seventeen.  Our reading passage is realistic fiction, and our focus skill is to draw inferences about a text.  We will then support our inferences with text evidence, clues from the author, combined with our personal experiences. Friday we will do our first close reading of our realistic fiction narrative.
Spelling:  Your child received her/his spelling homework packet today.  He/she is aware that it is due on Thursday and that our test is on Friday. Our words, this week, are homophone pairs, so we will really need to pay attention to the context clues when completing our homework packet.
 Math: This week in math we will continue our multiplying and dividing fractions unit. Monday we will practice multiplying whole numbers by fractions, and learn what to do when the fraction does not evenly split apart the whole. On Tuesday we will work on multiplying fractions by fractions and move on to multiplying mixed numbers for Wednesday’s lesson. Thursday we will work on multiplication with scaling, working on our understanding if a product should be larger or smaller depending on the multipliers. Friday we will end the week with our first lesson on dividing whole numbers by unit fractions. Keep up the hard work fifth graders!
Wednesday, February 14th:  Your child may bring in Valentines if she/he wishes.  If he/she chooses to, please help them make sure that they have one for all of the students in our homeroom.  We have 22 children in our homeroom class.
 Friday, February 16th:  School is in session


 Monday, February 19th:  School is not in session
Thank you for your support and have a wonderful week!  🙂
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