Week of April 3rd…

Hi Everybody,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable long weekend.  Read on to see how we will stretch and strengthen our brains this week!


Curriculum News:


Reading:  This week, in reading, we will be finishing up our Text Dependent Analysis essays that we began last week.  We will also work on reading, analyzing, and identifying an author’s point of view/perspective, as well as, review several reading focus skills that we have been working on throughout the year.  Towards the end of the week, we will work with our Time for Kids informational magazine.


Spelling:  Your child received their spelling homework packet today.  This week’s list contains review words, so there aren’t any bonus/challenge words.  I reminded the children that a review packet has four pages to complete instead of only three pages.  Your child is aware that the homework packet is due Friday, as well as the test being on Friday.


Math: This week in math we will begin reviewing each fifth-grade unit since we completed unit 12 last week. Tuesday we will focus on unit 1, which was our place value unit. In unit 1 we talked a lot about number forms, especially expanded notation, fractions, and decimals, as well as comparing decimals and wholes. On Wednesday we will review unit 2, which focused on multiplying whole numbers, prime and composite numbers, and properties of multiplication. Wednesday and Thursday will be review days for our division units. We will work on our division strategies for whole number with single and double-digit divisors. Keep up the hard work in math this marking period fifth grade!



Monday(4/9), Wednesday(4/11), and Thursday(4/12):  English Language Arts PSSA testing in the morning.  Please remind your child to get plenty of sleep and to eat a good breakfast.


Thank you for your support and all that you do to make our school and home connection successful!

Have a wonderful week!


Mrs. Eby 🙂



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