Week of May 21st…

Hello, 5th Grade Martic Families,

I’m sorry that I’m getting this out later than usual.  I hope you all had a nice weekend!  Your children came in ready to work, which is wonderful to see especially so close to the end of our school year!!!  Here’s how we’ll be stretching and strengthening our brains this week.

Curriculum News:

Reading: Today, we continued practicing our readers’ theaters and made any necessary props.  Tomorrow, we will begin performing and see if we can get them all in.  If not, we will finish the performances on Wednesday. We will also begin lesson twenty-six on Wednesday.  Our passage is a nonfiction narrative and our focus skill is summarizing and paraphrasing.  The children have been cooperating very well and working extremely hard to make their twisted fairytale readers’ theaters as realistic as possible!  WAY TO GO 5TH GRADERS… YOU ROCK!!!
Spelling:  Woo Hoo… Your child brought home her/his LAST spelling homework packet for his/her 5th Grade Year!!!  Where has the time gone? Since this is a review lesson, the homework packet has four pages, instead of three, which I reminded everyone of today. Also, they’re not any challenge/bonus words As always, your child knows that the packet is due on Thursday and that their last test, of the year, is Friday!


Math: This week in math we will wrap up our sixth-grade preview unit. Monday we will review equivalent ratios one more time, and do review stations of everything we have learned on Tuesday, Wednesday we will have one final quiz about the sixth-grade material we covered. On Thursday and Friday, we will begin any final fifth-grade skills we had trouble with based on the final benchmark test we took this marking period. Keep up the hard work fifth graders!



Tomorrow, we will go to our last book fair of the 2017/2018 school year from 9:15-9:45.  Our wonderfully, generous PTO is giving each student a voucher for one free book up to $5.oo, and then they get to pick a 2nd book for free that is $5.00 or under.  THANK YOU, PTO…WE TRULY APPRECIATE YOUR GENEROSITY!!!

Next Monday, May 28th: School is not in session in the honor of Memorial Day.

Have a wonderful week, and thanks for your support!

Thanks So Much,

Mrs. Eby 🙂



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