Week of November 27th…

Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I  hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  The children came back today ready to stretch, exercise and strengthen their brains.  Way to go 5th graders… You ROCK!!!

Curriculum News:

Reading:  Today, we shared our prior knowledge on how to identify the main idea and its details.  We then worked on a main idea and details fact find with a partner and unpacked our thinking.  Throughout the remainder of the week, we will practice reading, analyzing, and identifying stated and implied main ideas of nonfiction texts beginning with short paragraphs.  Next, we will work with a nonfiction passage to identify the main idea and its supporting details of specific headings.

Spelling:  Your child received their spelling homework packet today.  It is a review packet so it has four pages instead of three. She/he is aware of this.  Also, he/she knows that the packet is due on Friday and that the test is on Friday as well.

Math: This week in math we picking up where we left off last week with multiplying decimals. Tuesday we learned how to multiply a decimal by a power of ten, shifting the decimal point to the right for as many zeros that there are in the power of ten. Wednesday we will work on identifying and applying multiplication properties with decimals. Thursday will be a review day of all the skills covered in multiplying decimals, and we will also take the mid unit quiz. On Friday we will begin learning about division of decimals, starting with estimating quotients. Thank you for the effort to try out the online homework, and keep trying it out this week too. Keep up the hard work in math fifth graders!  

Have a wonderful week and thank you for your support!

Mrs. Eby 🙂

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