Week of March 4th…

Hello 5th Grade Families! Well… It seems that Old Man Winter is still here. Let’s hope that he doesn’t have much of anything left in store for us.

Curriculum New:

Reading:  Today, we finished up our written responses based on our read-aloud.  The children were asked to identify the most important theme that they learned by reading the novel.  They also had to explain how this lesson would improve their life now that they acquired it. For the remainder of the week, we will be diving into our mini poetry unit.  We will be reading, analyzing and determining the theme of several poems just like we did with a handful of fictional texts. We will also use this poetry unit to review the different types of figurative language and their meanings.

Spelling: Your child received their spelling homework packet today. This week’s words are homophone pairs. Please help your child to learn the different spellings and their different meanings based on the context that they are presented in. The children know that their homework packet is due Thursday and that our test is on Friday.

  Math: This week in math we will be wrapping up unit 10 on multiplying and dividing fractions. Monday and Tuesday we will have review stations to work on all of our multiplication and division of fraction skills. Wednesday we will take our end of unit test, so watch out for those study guides coming home on Tuesday night. Thursday we will begin unit 11, reviewing how to convert customary units of length. On Friday we will end the week by working on converting customary units of weight. Keep up the hard work in math fifth graders!  

Thank you for your support, and have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Eby 🙂

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