Week of April 8th…

Hello Everybody! I hope you were able to enjoy the glorious weather this past weekend and today’s and tomorrow’s weather as well. Here are some things we’ll be doing in order to stretch our brains and make them stronger this week!

Curriculum News:

Reading:  Today in reading, we wrapped up our poetry activity whose poem was about a tadpole longing to grow up and change into a frog.  Throughout the activity, we reviewed identifying a summary, drawing inferences, and different types of figurative language. Tomorrow, the students will be given a TDA prompt based on an informational passage about cave exploration. They will mark up the prompt and begin their two-column notes’ graphic organizer after reading the text and gathering proof/ support, plus direct quotes.  Once their graphic organizer is complete (I’m thinking this will be on Wednesday) students will then begin to transform their two-column notes into an essay.   The essay writing will more than likely begin on Thursday and the students will finish it up on Friday. Our 5th graders have really stepped up to the plate and matured quite a bit as writers this year.  This is due to them staying in a growth mindset and giving 150% effort!  We are very PROUD of them!!!

Spelling: Your child received their spelling homework packet today. They know that the completed packet is due on Thursday, and our test is on Friday.

 Math: This week in math we will begin reviewing all of our fifth-grade units, and practice some questions that will mirror the math PSSA. Monday we will review unit 1 and talk about place value, comparing decimals, and rounding decimals. Tuesday we will review unit 2, which was multiplying whole numbers. On Wednesday we will focus on unit 3 and 4, dividing whole numbers with one and two digit divisors. Thursday we will practice adding and subtracting decimals, and Friday will be our review of multiplying and dividing decimals. Keep up the hard work in math fifth graders! 

Reminders: Next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, April 15th,16th,and 17th, the English Language Arts PSSA will be administered in the morning. Your children are ready to SHOW WHAT THEY KNOW and SHINE!!!

Have a wonderful week and thank you for your support!

Mrs. Eby šŸ™‚

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