Week of May 20th…

Hello Everyone,

This will be my last official blog for the school year. I don’t know where our year together has gone! Here’s what we will be doing to continue to stretch our brains and make them stronger!

Curriculum News:

Reading:  In reading today, the children continued presenting their American government and symbols readers’ theaters. They are doing an outstanding job of reading fluently!  Tomorrow, the remaining groups will perform and that will wrap up our last set of readers’ theaters for this year.  WOW… Our 5th graders have really grown as readers and writers this year! Their perseverance and ability to stay in a growth mindset have really paid off!!!  Wednesday, we will review the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing.  Thursday, we will preview our new robust vocabulary for our upcoming narrative nonfiction passage which is about the Lewis and Clark expedition.  On Friday, we will learn about Memorial Day.  We will work on some activities that will move this information from our working memory to our short term and then into our long term memory.

Spelling: The children received their spelling homework packet today. They know to have it completed by Thursday and to be ready to take the test on Friday.

 Math: This week in math we will continue our preview of 6th-grade math. For Monday and Tuesday, we will work on unit rates and solve some tricky word problems to represent real-world situations as unit rate. On Wednesday we will use ratio tables to represent equivalent ratios. On Thursday and Friday, we will review everything about rates and ratios we have learned so far. For the rest of the year, we will continue to preview some 6th-grade material, and review some of the more challenging skills from 5th grade. Keep up the hard work in math fifth graders!  


Tomorrow, we will go to the book fair in the afternoon!

School is in session this Friday, May 24th.

We don’t have school on Monday, May 27th. Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 30th is our field trip to the Whitaker Science Center. If your name was pulled to be a chaperone, you received an email or phone call from me. Thank you to everyone, who volunteered to go with us.

Other News:

On behalf of the PTO, we want to thank you, parents and students, for your enthusiasm and donations to support our efforts in filling the 5th-grade summer basket. We got the most desired interest at the Spring Fling with almost 200 tickets. The students will be rewarded for their participation with a special treat day. This date will be announced.

Thank you,

Maureen Greenawalt

Have a wonderful week! Thank you for everything that you have done to support your child throughout her/his 5th-grade year!!!

Mrs. Eby 🙂

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