Week of March 20th…

Hello, Martic Fifth Grade Families!

HAPPY SPRING!!! I hope that you were all able to relax and enjoy this past weekend! Keep reading to find out some of the activities that we’ll engage our brains with in order to stretch them and make them stronger!

Curriculum News:

Reading with Mrs. Eby: Fifth-grade readers and writers diligently work through Unit 5 by staying in a growth mindset!  Way to go… YOU ROCK! They are examining information from multiple non-fiction texts by reading, analyzing, comparing, and contrasting different non-fiction passages.  I know that you will continue to put 150% effort into all that you do!

Spelling: Your child received their spelling homework packet and list today. She/He is aware that the completed packet is due on Thursday and our test is on Friday.

Math with Miss Miller: Fifth graders are putting their best effort forward during our eleventh unit: measurement. Last week we focused on the US/Customary system and this week we will focus on the Metric system. Your child will have a few review problems for homework on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Keep up the great work fifth graders! 

Thank you for your continuous support, and have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Eby 🙂

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