Second Grade Video

Just in case you missed the blog yesterday and didn’t view our video…you must check it out!

Click here to watch our memories from 2-B!

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May 29

The wave!!!! Watch the teachers do our traditional wave as the buses leave on the last day of school- this year it’s a virtual wave! Click here to watch.

Also, I am reading aloud a book I always save for the last day of school- Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss. Click here to listen to the last story of the year.

I just had to put this picture in of Maya and her new dog…he is ADORABLE!!!!

This is a very different goodbye I will be saying to this class. I usually have fun games, prizes, and lots of hugs for everyone on the last day. I want you all to know how much I enjoyed teaching you this year and how very special you are. This year I have seen every single one of you grow with your learning and with your maturity.

  1. You now can read with great stamina for up to 30 minutes! (Remember when we stopped after only 5 minutes.) You also know many different genres and know which style you enjoy the most.
  2. You now can add and subtract triple digit numbers, tell time on an analog clock, and solve two step word problems! (Remember when we only used single digit numbers to add and subtract.)
  3. You now can write paragraphs, use bigger words, and use a creative hook with a good ending . (Remember when you only wrote 1 or 2 sentences and our last project was the diary of an animal with many pages!)
  4. You now understand how the Native Americans lived and what they used in nature to survive. You know about the sun’s energy and how it powers most of what we need. You know many of our national symbols and what they mean to our country. You know how matter can change form and why it does that. You know the sun is the center of our solar system and we have 8 planets that revolve around the sun.
  5. You know how to be kind, caring, helpful, patient, understanding, and to be fair.

I am so proud of this class and you have taught me so much this year too. This was one of the best classes I have taught in the past 20 years because we all got along so well together. I will miss having fun with you and getting silly together. Please come back to see me when we are in the building again. Have a fun, safe, and adventurous summer!

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May 28- class video is here!

I am so excited to share this video I made with all the pictures from the year. Please watch this because it will make you feel good. I wish our video had more pictures to end the year in the way I had planned. Please click here to watch it.

Tomorrow is officially the last day of school and I will have one more read aloud for you. Have a good day!

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May 27

It’s feeling like summer! I was happy to see smiling faces yesterday at pick up and at our last Google Meet last night. If you didn’t pick up your bag it is at the school and you will need to contact Mrs.Baker to schedule a time to pick it up or just wait until next school year. I will be sending out a link to a video I made from all the pictures I took this year in the next day or so. I am still adding a few more pictures. I hope you watch it because it brings back so many memories!

The read a loud today is a Math fable book with counting poems. I should have grabbed more books when I was allowed in the school building because I am running out of choices at home. Click here to listen to the book. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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May 26

Let’s have a terrific Tuesday everyone! I hope your Memorial Day weekend was fun. Don’t forget to come to Conestoga today from 1:30-3:30 pm to pick up your belongings from your desk and cubbie. I will be there handing them out. If you ordered a yearbook it will be in your bag. I also stuck a little something extra in there for you to enjoy.

There are only a few days left for my read alouds. Today the book is called, I’m in Charge of Celebrations. Click here to listen to this beautiful book. It’s about a girl who finds things in nature and celebrates them- if you look carefully YOU can find the most beautiful things too. This is what I found on my run the other day that made me stop and watch for a bit. I was mesmerized by how it looked and it made me feel good. Now I can call it- “wind blowing in the field day”. Click here to see my “celebration of wind”

Tonight is our last Google Meet together- I hope everyone can make it!!! Let’s share some of our favorite memories. You can write them down if it helps you remember what you are going to say when it is your turn. Be ready to tell 2-3 of your favorite times or things you enjoyed doing in class, you can even share a wish you have for the summer or for third grade. I hope to see you this afternoon and tonight! Here is the link if you need it for tonight:

Good day to go swimming like Rielynn!!!

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May 22

Happy Friday! Don’t forget we have off for Monday, May 25 for Memorial Day. What will you do to celebrate? We need to get a little creative this year…maybe set up a tent in your backyard, have a campfire with marshmallows, water battle with balloons or squirt guns, make an obstacle course on your driveway, build a fort in your house, or have a picnic outside with a blanket.

Today’s read aloud is called, To the Sun. Click here to listen to the story. I bet you will know a lot of the sun facts that are in this book! Here are some pictures of our friends working hard this week!

Austin noticed his marshmallows are cylinder shaped!
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May 21

I am making a video to share with all our second grade pictures I took this year. It has been really fun! I will send you the link to watch it during the last week of school. If you have any fun pictures from school and you want to share them with me to put in the video that would be great! I know some families came in to help and maybe took some pictures.

Don’t forget: May 26th is student belongings pick up day from 1:30-3:30 pm for grades K-2. If you can’t make that time there is another pick up for grades 3-6 from 3:30-6:30 that you could pick up then. Just let me know so I can pass the information along. I will be there for the first time frame, so hopefully I will see a lot of smiling second grade faces in the cars!

The read aloud for today is called, The Moon Seems to Change. Click here for the read aloud.

The work you are sending in this week is amazing! You are working so hard and showing great effort! Only 5 days left!

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May 20

Did you have fun meeting the third grade teachers last night? Report cards will be mailed home on the last day of school, so you will find out which teacher you have for third grade on your report card comments.

I had fun trying to answer your trivia questions last night. You made them very hard!

Here is a true story about two sisters who had and still have some really good grit! Click here to listen to Sisters and Champions.

Have fun today! Keep working and keep playing! Seven more days of school left!

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Important Conestoga News from Mrs. Baker

We would like to invite all of our families to enjoy a drive-thru visit to Conestoga to pick up your child’s belongings on Tuesday, May 26th. This will include yearbooks if your child ordered one. Students in grades  K-2 may pick up their belongings between 1:30-3:30 and grades 3-6 may pick up their belongings from 3:30 to 6:30. We realize that many of our families have multiple students at our school and will need to pick up all their belongings at one time. Please email Mrs. Ragland or your classroom teacher with the names of the children and when you think you will be able to do a pick up, and we will group belongings together.  If the grade level time does not suit and you need to come at a different time, just let us know.  Please realize that we need to organize this event so that we can get everything to everyone without creating a traffic jam.  Please also use this time if you need to return items to your teachers or the school. As long as you are staying in the district your child may keep the school computer. If you are moving out of the district please return it on the 26th.
Here are some safety guidelines for our drive through pick up.

*Follow all traffic patterns and/or traffic cones. *Please stay inside your car and a staff member will hand you the bags.
*We ask that the person lowering the car window to receive the bags be wearing a mask, as our staff will be wearing masks too.   *Depending on the traffic behind you at the time, please be mindful that conversations will need to be brief. *Remember that we are smiling behind our masks.

We are also planning to celebrate the Class of 2020 who graduated from Conestoga. That will be posted on May 27th at 11:00 AM on our blog. Please join us in looking back at seeing how far these Conestoga graduates have come.

We will be celebrating our sixth grade students on May 27th. On that date at 1:15 PM we will post our virtual graduation. We hope you will join us in wishing them the best and enjoying the program we created.

A hard copy of your child’s report card will be mailed to you on the last day of school. It will be posted in your child’s Sapphire account the following week. It has been a strange school year, but I am proud of how hard everyone has worked to help end the school year on a successful note.

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May 19

Wow! I already got some great math pictures from some of you! Let’s end our year in second grade STRONG! Show you have good grit and you can do it! Don’t forget to visit with the third grade teachers tonight during our Google Meet and come with a few Trivia questions (and answers)! Here is one to get you started… how many sides does a quadrilateral have? Think of the math lesson from yesterday to help you.

Today’s read aloud is called, To the Moon. Click here to listen to the story about a boy who goes to the moon in his imagination. I wish we were in our classroom because this is my favorite science unit to teach: the solar system. There are so many cool activities and things to do to help us learn about the planets and the moon.

See you tonight at 6pm! Oh, did you get my trivia question correct? Quadrilaterals all have four sides.

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