May 15

Happy Friday! Next week for our classroom meeting the theme will be “Trivia Night”. Bring a question or two to ask the class. Here is an example: What is the name of the fairy in Peter Pan? (I’ll put the answer at the bottom!) You can also think of questions about things we learned this year. Look for an invite soon for next week. You don’t want to miss this one, Mrs. Fellenbaum and Ms. Lovett will be there to say hi to their new third graders!

The LAST list of school work will be posted this weekend. That’s right! The LAST list! May 18-May 29 work is all on one list. For the last week of school the work is much less, so you can use that time to complete any unfinished work as well. Report cards will be sent home to you and your new third grade teacher will be posted in the comments.

I have a few poems to share with you today from a book called, Pocket Poems. Click here to listen. I also just realized two of my old blog posts never published, they were saved in my draft folder! One of them was the first part of chapter 10 in the Alvin book. You may have been confused when I only posted the second half of that chapter, so I apologize.

Have a great weekend! Take time to do something fun. Look what Austin’s family set up the other weekend for movie night…under the stars- so cool! Caden had a beautiful day to ride his horse! Oh yeah, the answer to my trivia question is…Tinkerbell. I bet you knew that!

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