May 19

Wow! I already got some great math pictures from some of you! Let’s end our year in second grade STRONG! Show you have good grit and you can do it! Don’t forget to visit with the third grade teachers tonight during our Google Meet and come with a few Trivia questions (and answers)! Here is one to get you started… how many sides does a quadrilateral have? Think of the math lesson from yesterday to help you.

Today’s read aloud is called, To the Moon. Click here to listen to the story about a boy who goes to the moon in his imagination. I wish we were in our classroom because this is my favorite science unit to teach: the solar system. There are so many cool activities and things to do to help us learn about the planets and the moon.

See you tonight at 6pm! Oh, did you get my trivia question correct? Quadrilaterals all have four sides.

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