May 26

Let’s have a terrific Tuesday everyone! I hope your Memorial Day weekend was fun. Don’t forget to come to Conestoga today from 1:30-3:30 pm to pick up your belongings from your desk and cubbie. I will be there handing them out. If you ordered a yearbook it will be in your bag. I also stuck a little something extra in there for you to enjoy.

There are only a few days left for my read alouds. Today the book is called, I’m in Charge of Celebrations. Click here to listen to this beautiful book. It’s about a girl who finds things in nature and celebrates them- if you look carefully YOU can find the most beautiful things too. This is what I found on my run the other day that made me stop and watch for a bit. I was mesmerized by how it looked and it made me feel good. Now I can call it- “wind blowing in the field day”. Click here to see my “celebration of wind”

Tonight is our last Google Meet together- I hope everyone can make it!!! Let’s share some of our favorite memories. You can write them down if it helps you remember what you are going to say when it is your turn. Be ready to tell 2-3 of your favorite times or things you enjoyed doing in class, you can even share a wish you have for the summer or for third grade. I hope to see you this afternoon and tonight! Here is the link if you need it for tonight:

Good day to go swimming like Rielynn!!!

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