May 5

I have a read aloud called, Chameleons are Cool. Listen as I read and see if you can figure out what the author’s purpose is for writing this story. Click here for the read aloud.

Don’t forget tonight is our Google Meet showing our collections. Please join us at 6:00 pm! Here is the link:

The teachers are allowed in the school building this week to pack up things, and I took some pictures of our room. It was weird being in there with no kids, and I felt a lot of emotion looking around an empty room. I miss every one of you and can not wait until we can see each other again, even if it is not until next school year.

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May 1

Welcome to May- I hope we see some May flowers soon, since we had so many April showers!

Our next Google Meet will be Tuesday, May 5 at 6:00pm. The theme is “collections.” Bring a sample of a collection you have or if you don’t have one started, bring an idea with you to share. Make sure you are ready to tell us 2-3 things about your collection. Why are you collecting that item? Which one is your favorite? How many do you have? I will send out an invite later today.

Click here for today’s read aloud….Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Keep spreading kindness!

Here are some fun pictures you have sent me this week. Keep them coming! I love seeing what you are doing for fun.

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Work for the week

If you haven’t submitted your math time line or reading responses for Wishing for Starfruit yet, I would love to look over your work. Thanks for all your hard work at home!

Grade 2 Learning Activities 

April 27, 2020 – May 1, 2020

Items to be submitted to your child’s teacher:

  • Math-Submit the pictures you drew for the timeline activity on Tuesday and the final time assessment posted for Friday.
  • ELA-Submit Wishing for Starfruit response questions by Wednesday. Choose one other activity to submit by Friday.
  • Submit 1 Science or 1 Soc. St. activity each week.– (don’t forget the water cycle comic strip from last week when it was started. You should have finished it on Monday.)
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April 30

Yay! I got my video camera working again. Since we are practicing telling time, the story I chose to read to you is called Clocks and More Clocks. Click here to listen to me read it to you. See if you can figure out what is wrong with Mr. Higgins’ clocks.

Birthdays: I apologize for being late with this…but we will recognize these kids now!

Happy birthday to Logan! March 25

Happy birthday to Rocky! April 9

Happy birthday to Verik! April 26

Happy birthday to Aston! April 29

Don’t forget to send me your weekly work if you haven’t yet. I’ve already gotten a lot of super work! You are doing amazing! Let me know if you need the weekend to catch up and complete assignments. I totally understand!

Please let me know if there is a lesson you need more help with. I can always do a Google Meet with you and explain things more or practice some more on that topic. I am always here to help.

It’s the last day of April, enjoy this windy day!

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April 29 News

Your jokes were awesome last night! It was fun to laugh together. Find time in your day to always laugh and have some fun. I apologize that there is no read aloud from me for today. My computer is not recording videos for some reason. I’ve been trying all morning to get it to work. I hope to have it fixed for tomorrow.

Next week for our Tuesday Google Meet our theme will be “collections.” This will be a good connection to our next Storytown lesson about rock collecting. Do you collect anything that you would like to share with us? Start thinking of what you want to show us and tell 2-3 things about your collection. Why do you collect that? Which one is your favorite? Where do you keep them?

Rielynn’s fort
Sammi is going fishing.
Sammi caught one! Look at that!
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April 28 News

Are you practicing your joke for tonight when we get together for our Google Meet? I hope to see everyone tonight! I have a new read aloud for you called, Friends to the End- for Kids. It describes the true meaning of friendship by showing examples with animals. This book makes me feel so good and happy. Keep looking for the good in things, keep looking for kindness. Click here to listen to the story. Have a great day! Go outside and enjoy the fresh air, trees, and animals!

Do you see what Caden’s rock has written on it?
“Let Love Grow”
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April 27 news

This week’s lessons are posted on the Remote Learning Opportunities link on Penn Manor website. Click here to go straight to second grade’s lessons.

Below is an AM/PM time line that our class used when we practiced in school. (We were a little ahead of the other schools in terms of Math lessons, so this is a review for us)

Students may want to use this time line instead of the one that is posted on the checklist because they are more familiar with this one.

Here is my read aloud for today. It is called If Polar Bears Disappeared, by Lily Williams. Click here to listen to the story. This book has great examples of our NEW focus skill for reading, Cause and Effect. When one event happens it then makes something else happen. The cause is the reason why the effect is happening. (Ex. It started raining while I was outside walking. Then I got wet while I was walking.)

I can’t wait to hear all your funny jokes tomorrow at our Google Meet! Here is the link if you need it.

These pictures of our friends will brighten up this cloudy day!

Piper saving a bird’s life from her dog!
Morgan hiking on earth Day!
Sophie working on her time lessons.
Cool message from Ally.

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April 24 news

Happy Friday! Even though I sometimes forget what day it really is! Thank you to everyone who has sent me their work for the week. I have seen some really neat, correct, and creative work. Keep it up! I understand if families are busy with work, or helping other children in the house, so if you ever need more time over the weekend to finish up on schoolwork, that is totally fine. Just email me so I am aware. Hopefully by now you know that I am super flexible.

Here is a read aloud called, Sarah’s Secret Plans. Click here to listen to the story.

Austin finished his work for the week!
Bryn made a beautiful clock!

Try to figure out Christine’s math riddle:

What are your plans for the weekend? I have more free time to read, jog, work in the yard and garden, and do puzzles with my family (if I bug them enough!). Have a wonderful weekend!

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April 23 News

It was so good to see most of you on Tuesday at our Google Meet. Thanks for hanging in there while my computer was acting a little funny. I will send out an invite for next Tuesday soon and let you know what the “theme” will be this time. I was so excited to hear about all the books you have been reading. I have one to share with you today called, The Planet of Trash. Click here to listen to the story.

If you want to keep learning about Jane Goodall who studied the chimps and is teaching people all over the world about taking care of our environment, there is a neat video to watch on Disney Plus if you have it. It is called, Jane Goodall The Hope. Her goal is to spread the message of hope for our planet.

Sometimes I feel like I need to stretch and feel strong. If you want to do a quick stretch that makes you feel good, click here to try a “Go Noodle” activity.

Here are some pictures to brighten up your cloudy day:

Aston is becoming quite the scientist these days! Michael was working in his garden and his baby geese eggs just hatched! I love Verik’s clock and his big smile!

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April 22 Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Don’t forget to do something nice for the Earth today. My read aloud today is, Curious George Plants a Tree. Click here to listen to the story.

Verik is helping his mom get their garden started!

Natalie sent a picture she has from home with Jane Goodall in it and it is signed by her at the bottom! Neat!

If you want to read more about Jane Goodall and her interesting work click here to read the story from our Storytown book, page 284. Or click here to listen to me read it.

Have a great day second grade!

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