Our Weekly Recap

This week was filled with so many awesome activities! In the beginning of the week we read about the gingerbread baby and got to create our own gingerbread baby houses. Your children also got to participate in an amazing winter party that the high school student council kindly set up for us! Today we had the most wonderful assembly filled with beautiful music from our own band, strings, and choir groups followed by a movie with the other learning support classes! We ended our day with winter BINGO and we will finish our fun filled week with a winter party.

I hope each of you have a WONDERFUL break!

Weekly Recap

This week we talked about the letter N during our morning meetings! Each day, we found items in the room that started with N! Some examples were; “numbers”, “name”, “nest”, and “nut”. I encourage you to walk around the house with your student, to find objects around you that start with the letter N!

This week we also talked about the number 9 during our morning meetings. We sang our song “make a circle and go straight down, make a circle and go straight down, make a circle and go straight down, that’s how we write number 9” (to the tune of skip to the Lou)

Our week in pictures

Spirit Day Changes

Please refer to the following spirit day changes!

Wednesday, December 8 – Wear Penn Manor or Pequea Gear

Thursday, December 9 – Thankful Thursday: Do something kind to express gratitude for someone else AND (Crazy Hair Day for Awali house members)

Friday, December 10 – House Spirit Day

Monday, December 13 – Manic Monday: Wear your Tie Dye or Neon Colors