Week of 1/24 Recap

This week was filled with so many fun and exciting activities! We spent the week learning about the letter Rr and different words that start with this letter. Our class even got to go on a scavenger hunt around the school to find the letter Rr! Some of our groups learned about different shapes, and explored how we can see these shapes within the classroom, our school, and even our own home! Your kiddos were introduced to new “trick words” this week (they, a, at, me, I, etc) they had so much fun writing these words in shaving cream and making up funny sentences using each word. Our Fun Friday activity is going to be decorating our door with homemade hearts! Pictures will be sent once our door is completed!


The 100th day of school is almost here! Can you believe it? In honor of being in school for 100 days, we are going to be doing a variety of fun activities on Wednesday February 9th to represent the number 100. I encourage you and your child to make a fun T-shirt that represents 100. T-shirts can be made from anything like pins attached to the t-shirt, puffy paint, drawings on the t-shirt, to items glued or sewn on the t-shirt.  You do not have to purchase anything new to make the shirt, you can use an old shirt from home, and 100 items can be glued, sewn, or drawn on the shirt. Some ideas are:
band-aids              buttons                  stickers                   coins
cotton balls           feathers                 googly eyes          legos
photos                   letters                     ribbons                   thumbprints           small toys               craft items
or you can use a marker and draw stars, letters, shapes — anything you like! There are many ideas online. Be creative and have fun.

*** Please remember that Friday the 28th (tomorrow) is a half day!

Happy Monday!

Hi families!

The new year brought many new and exciting changes to the room including the use of action based learning. This means that we are pairing academics with gross motor movement activities! Some examples are, exploring the halls and the classroom searching for our letter of the week, human candy land on the sensory walk, a number hunt activity which allows your kiddos to move around the room while matching pictures and numbers, an alphabet and number maze that we use monster feet to stomp on, and a number parking lot for the millions of cars we have in the room!

We have also started to incorporate sign language into our morning meetings as a way to introduce another form of communication. Your children have loved learning how to sign the alphabet as well as the colors of the rainbow.

I look forward to all the growth that 2022 will bring!

January 17 Martin Luther King Jr Day – No School=
January 20
International Day of Acceptance
January 21 In Service – No School
January 27 Kids Heart Challenge Virtual Assembly
January 28 Early Dismissal

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