Week of the 26th

Can you believe that it is already the end of September?! We had a great first month of school building a wonderful community within the classroom! Take a look at the pictures below to see what we did this week!!

Two Weeks Down!

Two weeks down, and I am already so proud of each of your kiddos! We have been practicing sharing, being a kind friend, and identifying our feelings. We started small group rotations this week and it has been amazing to watch how independent the students already are.

Today we got ready for fall by finger painting the changes we are soon going to see in our trees! Enjoy seeing some highlights from today as well as our Secret Students’ from this week!

First Week of School!

We had a FANTASTIC first week of school! To say that I am impressed with your child is an understatement. Each kiddo has been an exemplary student in the classroom, and I am so proud of each of them for making such a strong transition back to school after a long summer break!

This year, I will be picking one “secret student” each day. “What is this?” you ask. The secret student is a kiddo in the class who is secretly being watched on a specific day. If that student has modeled appropriate school behaviors and expectations without many reminders, they are reviled to the whole class the following day! Our secret student not only gets to wear a special badge, but they also get to be the teacher helper, line leader, and our messenger! Below you will see some fun pictures from our first week of school, as well as some of this weeks secret students!