Welcome ~ and thank you for checking out my new blog!

I am excited to be joining the Elementary team on a full-time basis in the 2016-17 school year.

For your convenience, the tabs at the top of the page offer easy access to the P.E. Schedule for LeTort and Eshleman, respectively. You can subscribe to receive an email whenever I update the blog by clicking on the black “Follow” button at the left side of the page <<<<<<<<<

I have also shared the Schedule, Clothing Requirements, Grading Matrix and Medical Excuse Policy for your reference. I have everything below, as well, in case you prefer to have it accessible on one page.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: steven.mccabe@pennmanor.net

~ Mr. McCabe


I will be present at LeTort on Cycle Days A and B.
I will be present at Eshleman on Cycle Days C and D.
For your planning, each class is listed below by building, day and grade. I hope this proves to be helpful for you as you adjust to the new schedule(s).


Day ‘A’

  1. McElheny
  2. Winters
  3. Wright
  4. Suydam
  5. Moyer
  6. Mitchell

Day ‘B’

  1. Braun
  2. Peart
  3. Binkley 
  4. Gwyn
  5. Beighley
  6. Johnson


Day ‘C‘

  1. Terry
  2. Kaplan
  3. Tran
  4. Matusek
  5. Swope
  6. Kinderwater

Day ‘D’

  1. Heiney
  2. Detter
  3. Fitzkee
  4. Ivey
  5. Braun
  6. Bodde