Quick Conversation Starters for Parents

Recently, I have been challenged by how difficult it is to get even two words out of my four-year old daughter about how her first few days of pre-school have been going, which led me to think of the parents of my students.

Below, you can find a handful of quick conversation starters that I hope will foster some meaningful conversation between you and your student(s). I tried to keep them more positive in tone because apparently, asking negative questions (about dislikes and struggles) makes your student more likely to shut down and less likely to share thoughts and feelings.

Let me know if any of them work…    =)

~ Mr. McCabe


– What was the best part of your day, today? Why?

– Who did you talk to / play with today?

– What was the best / weirdest thing your teacher asked you / anyone to do, today?

– What does your teacher like to do for fun when he / she is not in school?

– What do you like the most about your classmates and teacher(s)?

– Who would you say is your closest friend that you have in school? Why?

– What do you most like to do at recess? (and with whom?)

– What activities have you been doing in P.E. (or other subjects) this year so far?
– Which one has been your favorite?

– Who sat near you at lunch time today? 
– What did they have for lunch?

– What are the names of two kids who sit close to you in home room? 
– Tell me something about each of them…

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