Behavior Management

Students will receive positive ClassDojo points for displaying positive character traits by going above and beyond my normal expectations. They can earn points for being respectful, responsible and / or safe. Each class is working toward a P.E. reward, which is a “YOU CHOOSE” day in P.E… If the class earns enough points, they get to choose their activity for the day!

You may track your student(s) progress on Dojo – If you need a reminder of your student’s code, please reach out to me directly.

Students will also receive yellow and red cards in order to track their conduct in Phys. Ed. (just like in soccer).

Yellow Card = Warning. Your student will be told WHY they are receiving a yellow card. They will then take a “time out” in order to complete a yellow card and make note of their poor choice(s). Upon completion, they will return the yellow card to me and be granted a “second chance” in order to make better choices.

Red Card = “Ejection”. Your student will be told WHY they are receiving a red card. They will then be in “time out” for the remainder of class. No exceptions. Students will complete a red card and make note of their poor choice(s). They are expected to sit quietly, watching and listening, in order to understand any skills and outcomes that may be achieved or worked toward within that class session. In addition, a note will come home… I do respectfully request that parents / guardians review this note, discuss your student’s actions with them, encourage them to make better choices in future, and sign the form and return it the next school day.

* Students accumulating four yellow cards over the course of the semester will receive a letter home, also. *

Thank you for your cooperation with helping our students become more respectful, responsible and safe!