Golden Sneaker Award

At the end of each month, one class from your student’s school will be awarded the “Golden Sneaker Award”.

The Golden Sneaker will be awarded to the class(es) that show the best levels of preparedness, as well as respect (of equipment, others & self), responsibility and safety. Other factors to be considered include: participation, enthusiasm, positive attitude and effort, cooperation and self-discipline.

They will be awarded  0-3 Sneaker Points, based on the aforementioned factors, at the end of each class. Each month, the winning class will receive ten minutes of “free choice” time – where they are given the freedom to choose an activity to finish class with, the next time I see them.

That said, if even one student does not have the correct footwear, their ENTIRE class shall be disqualified for that day – thus making them unable to achieve any Sneaker Points for the day. The rationale behind this expectation is to foster accountability, teamwork, and sportsmanship among peers. Modified participation is expected of any student who does not have the correct footwear.

* For more on footwear, please see the “Clothing Requirements” tab at the top of the page.

Near the end of the school year, the team with the most Sneaker Points overall, shall be rewarded… More to come on that later… Watch this space!