Congratulations to Brooklyn Peak in Mrs. Geiter’s AM Kindergarten class for being the TOP FUNDRAISER IN LANCASTER COUNTY for Jump Rope for Heart… Brooklyn raised OVER $1,000 – WOW! Thanks, Brooklyn… And Great job!

Brooklyn was invited for a VIP experience with the Lancaster Barnstormers on May 5, and got to throw out the first pitch! Check out some pictures, below:

“Take Me Out to the Ball Game…”
Winding Up the Pitch…
Brooklyn with Cylo and another Fundraising hero!
Great job, dude!
Brooklyn and his parents are on the far left of this picture.

Dr. Cox Taped to the Wall…?!

To celebrate passing our JRFH donation milestone of $5,000 at Eshleman, Dr. Cox agreed to allow the students duct tape her to the wall… Here are a few snaps:

2nd Grade fun… Just getting started…
Patiently Waiting…
Dr. Cox enjoying “Hanging out” with our friends…
Just before losing her “assistants”…!


Thanks again to everyone who donated / raised funds this year… Next year, we will push our limits with a HIGHER fundraising  goal… START NOW TO GET AHEAD OF THE GAME!!!  🙂


AWESOME ACTIVITY DAY is scheduled for the third week in May…

ESHLEMAN: Monday, May 14th
LETORT: Wednesday, May 16th
*** There is NO RAIN DATE  ***   

Please ensure that students are wearing a t-shirt that matches the color listed below, per their homeroom teacher’s name. If you do not have one that matches, please try to match it as best you can (shade of color is not important!). Thank you.


Blue:  1st Heiney / 6th Bodde
Yellow/Gold:   1st Terry / 6th Kinderwater
Red/Pink:  2nd Detter / 5th Albert
White/Gray:  2nd Kaplan / 5th Swope
Green:  3rd Fitzkee / 4th Ivey
Black:  3rd Tran / 4th Matusek


Blue:  1st Braun / 4th Gwyn
Yellow/Gold:   1st McElheny / 4th Suydam
Red/Pink:  2nd Peart / 5th Beighley
White/Gray:  2nd Winters / 5th Moyer
Green:  3rd Binkley / 6th Mitchell
Black:  3rd Wright / 6th Johnson

In addition, please ensure that your student brings the following for the event:

  • Water Bottle CLEARLY MARKED with NAME & CLASS
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat (if desired)
  • … and of course… SNEAKERS… Please and thank you!

*** There is NO RAIN DATE  ***   

JRFH Celebration – LeTort

Last Friday, we were able to celebrate LeTort raising over $11,000 for the American Heart Association through our annual Jump Rope for Heart event. This is an incredible achievement for our little school. Our families really did a wonderful job, making 2017-18 our best year yet!

Please enjoy some snaps below, as Mrs. McPherson and I were made into human ice cream sundaes by our highest fundraisers from each class… it was fun… but VERY MESSY!!!



Mrs. McPherson getting a taste of strawberry syrup…

Sydney covering me in CARAMEL!








… THANK YOU to everyone who participated …


Friends of Esh & LeTort,

I am excited to offer you the opportunity to purchase DISCOUNTED TICKETS for the Lancaster Barnstormers. Discounted rate is $10 per ticket for friends and family of Eshleman and LeTort students…


The attached form may be mailed or faxed. However, I have highlighted in GREEN, the phone number to order – as it is a much more secure method, of course.

AHA-Barnstormers Discount Form

Please consider heading out to a game on one of these dates, as they are the only dates that apply to the discounted rates.

Fri, May 4    @ 7pm
Sat, May 5    @ 6:30pm
Sun, May 20    @ 1pm

*** Tickets must be ordered NO LATER THAN the Monday BEFORE the game date. ***

If you have any questions, please contact Rachel at the Barnstormers: rdeyle@lancasterbarnstormers.com


Awesome Activity Afternoon is coming to your school in mid-May. I am seeking volunteer assistance to help with facilitating stations for the afternoon. You will be needed from 12:30pm – 3:30pm.

Please contact me directly via e-mail if you are available and willing to join in the fun – steven.mccabe@pennmanor.net

There’s a Popsicle in it for you!!!

Eshleman: Monday, May 14
LeTort: Wednesday, May 16

* In the case of inclement weather, these events will NOT be made up. *

Eshleman JRFH Update

Dear Friends of Esh,

Now that everything has been collected, counted and confirmed, I am excited to announce that we DID meet our $5,000 goal for JUMP ROPE FOR HEART 2018… Woohoo!!!

Our wonderful staff and students got over the finishing line at the 11th hour, by gathering donations totaling an amount of $5,115.73 for sick kids with special hearts!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who helped us reach our goal – and more importantly, for making a huge difference for these kids and their families! See below for a few snaps from our Jump Parties in P.E.

1st Grade – Terry

2nd Grade – Detter

2nd Grade – Kaplan

3rd Grade – Fitzkee

3rd Grade – Tran

4th Grade – Ivey

4th Grade – Matusek

5th Grade – Albert

5th Grade – Swope

6th Grade – Bodde

6th Grade – Kinderwater

LETORT – Jump Parties

Your student(s) JUMP PARTY to celebrate the American Heart Association’s “Jump Rope for Heart” will happen during regular P.E. time TOMORROW – Thursday (3/15) for Day C and Friday (3/16) for Day D.
Students are welcome – but not required – to bring a CLEARLY LABELED snack (i.e. carrot sticks or a small bag of pretzels, for example). Please do not bring drinks. Students will have access to the water fountains in the gym.

LETORT – JRFH Donations

Dear LeTort Friends (Esh news to come at a later date):

Your students – and you – have done an incredible job with fundraising efforts for Jump Rope for Heart. We have successfully reached our goal of $5,000… Woohoo!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support! However, as a result of your kiddos’ amazing efforts, we are only $520 short of a HUGE (secret!) milestone… $10,000… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!

Mrs. McPherson has graciously granted an extension to donation collection for another week.


Please thoughtfully consider how you can help us reach this goal. Donations should be clearly labeled:

Thank you again for all that you have done for this great cause!

JRFH Donation Deadline

The deadline for JRFH donations is fast approaching. Please try to have any outstanding donations brought to school no later than Wednesday, February 28th. Students from both schools are doing a wonderful job ~ Thank you for YOUR support!