JRFH CHECK Donations…

Hello friends,

I just found out about a cool, new feature regarding JRFH donations for this year:

Students/parents can take a picture of their check in the app and it will automatically update and deposit! No need to enter them and students should not submit them in their envelope!

Checks that are scanned will show up in your school’s JRFH coordinator’s e-check column just like an “online” payment!

Thank you for the amazing work you are doing so far… Please keep up the good work… We can raise donations until Feb 28, so please continue to spread the word!

CLICK HERE to view the school page for Eshleman Elementary School

CLICK HERE to view the school page for Letort Elementary School

Thanks for all that you are doing to support such a worthy cause!

MY FAMILY IS MY “WHY” … Who / What is yours…?

~ Mr. McCabe

Jump Rope for Heart 2018

As we enter February (A.K.A. “Heart Month”), I wanted to reach out to remind you that JRFH season is upon us! Collection envelopes should have come home along with an information letter including instructions for how to set up an online account (and a cool little tattoo!). Many of you have already made a great jump start on your fundraising campaign! THANK YOU! And please don’t stop there!

Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to raise $5,000 at each school (both Esh and LeTort) to support the American Heart Association as they strive to help “sick kids with special hearts”, as they say. This is a HUGE task, but if everyone helps along the way, I am confident we can achieve this goal!

So… I have laid the gauntlet down for your students… I have challenged the both schools to achieve 100% participation…

Meaning: EVERY STUDENT RAISES SOMETHING… anything! Honestly, even if it’s a single, solitary dollar, it has the potential to make a huge difference… I keep thinking to myself: “How cool would it be to be able to share with the Vice President of AHA that every single student in my school(s) gave something to help these sick kids with special hearts…?!” (It gives me goosebumps!)

So, please friends, help your student(s) raise some funds for a great cause:

  • The EASIEST method is to sign up online at http://american.heart.org/jump-hoops/
    It’s FREE and you can send e-mails directly from their website to do all your fundraising online! No cash, no checks… It’s a beautiful thing! There are also links available to post on various platforms, if you are active on social media.
  • You could also take their envelope to work with you and ask your colleagues and peers if they would be willing to donate.
  • Finally, why not take a stroll around your neighborhood with your student(s) and ask neighbors and friends if they would consider donating to this great cause…? What’s the worst that can happen…? We don’t know if we don’t ask… There’s really nothing to lose!

Thank you in advance for the part that you will play in helping our schools make such a big difference in the lives of those little boys and girls with “special hearts”.

~ Mr. McCabe

*** JRFH Jump Parties will occur in your student’s regularly scheduled Phys. Ed. time at school during the last week of February / first week of March. Collection envelopes will be due at this time. Thank you so much!  🙂 ***

Winter Weather Anticipation


I hope this short update finds you well and warm! In anticipation of winter weather, I would like to remind everyone of the expectation that students wear athletic-type shoes for Phys. Ed. If you plan on sending your child(ren) to school with warmer shoes or rain / snow boots, please either:

  1. Send them with sneakers in an extra bag,
  2. If you have the resources, have them keep a pair of sneakers at school to change into for Phys. Ed.
    • If this is something you would like to do, but are unable to do so, please contact me directly and we can work something out.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Here’s to a warm, relatively dry December!  😉

Many Thanks,

~ Mr. McCabe

Quick Conversation Starters for Parents

Recently, I have been challenged by how difficult it is to get even two words out of my four-year old daughter about how her first few days of pre-school have been going, which led me to think of the parents of my students.

Below, you can find a handful of quick conversation starters that I hope will foster some meaningful conversation between you and your student(s). I tried to keep them more positive in tone because apparently, asking negative questions (about dislikes and struggles) makes your student more likely to shut down and less likely to share thoughts and feelings.

Let me know if any of them work…    =)

~ Mr. McCabe


– What was the best part of your day, today? Why?

– Who did you talk to / play with today?

– What was the best / weirdest thing your teacher asked you / anyone to do, today?

– What does your teacher like to do for fun when he / she is not in school?

– What do you like the most about your classmates and teacher(s)?

– Who would you say is your closest friend that you have in school? Why?

– What do you most like to do at recess? (and with whom?)

– What activities have you been doing in P.E. (or other subjects) this year so far?
– Which one has been your favorite?

– Who sat near you at lunch time today? 
– What did they have for lunch?

– What are the names of two kids who sit close to you in home room? 
– Tell me something about each of them…


Welcome ~ and thank you for checking out my new blog!

I am excited to be joining the Elementary team on a full-time basis in the 2016-17 school year.

For your convenience, the tabs at the top of the page offer easy access to the P.E. Schedule for LeTort and Eshleman, respectively. You can subscribe to receive an email whenever I update the blog by clicking on the black “Follow” button at the left side of the page <<<<<<<<<

I have also shared the Schedule, Clothing Requirements, Grading Matrix and Medical Excuse Policy for your reference. I have everything below, as well, in case you prefer to have it accessible on one page.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: steven.mccabe@pennmanor.net

~ Mr. McCabe


I will be present at LeTort on Cycle Days A and B.
I will be present at Eshleman on Cycle Days C and D.
For your planning, each class is listed below by building, day and grade. I hope this proves to be helpful for you as you adjust to the new schedule(s).


Day ‘A’

  1. McElheny
  2. Winters
  3. Wright
  4. Suydam
  5. Moyer
  6. Mitchell

Day ‘B’

  1. Braun
  2. Peart
  3. Binkley 
  4. Gwyn
  5. Beighley
  6. Johnson


Day ‘C‘

  1. Terry
  2. Kaplan
  3. Tran
  4. Matusek
  5. Swope
  6. Kinderwater

Day ‘D’

  1. Heiney
  2. Detter
  3. Fitzkee
  4. Ivey
  5. Braun
  6. Bodde