Wear Red on Monday

In support of our Warwick family who suffered a tragic loss on Friday and another this morning we are encouraging all faculty, staff and students to wear red on Monday.   Thank you for your support.

Dear Parents and Guardians,                                       

Every year Penn Manor School District assists families in need with Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday meals.  We would like to make this process more uniform across the district. We will be collecting the food listed below between October 29th and November 9th.  If you have a child in one of these grades, please consider donating.

Kindergarten-boxed mashed potatoes

1st grade-boxed stuffing

2nd grade-canned corn

3rd grade-canned green beans

4th grade-canned sweet potatoes

5th grade-canned cranberry sauce

6th grade-canned gravy (NO GLASS)

7th grade-applesauce (NO GLASS)  8th grade-Cornbread or Muffin Mix (WATER BASED)

If your family is able and willing to provide more than is listed above and would like to make a monetary donation, please send the amount you choose by check to your child’s school secretary by November 9th.  Make your check payable to Penn Manor Family Fund and on the memo line write “Holiday Food Basket.”

Apple Day

Today in first grade we learned all about Apples. We learned facts about apples and created an apple mini book. We then had a science investigation where we observed and explored the outside and the inside of an apple. After that we tasted three types of apples and tried apple cider, we then took a class vote on our favorite. We recorded the results by creating a tally chart and answered questions based on our data. Tomorrow we will turn our data into a bar graph, learn about what apple trees look like in each season, and create a writing piece and craft on Johnny Appleseed. It was a fun filled appletastic day in 1st Grade!

All School Field Trip

On Monday, will be our all school field trip to Herr’s Potato Chip Factory and Plumpton Park Zoo. Please be advised of the weather and dress your child appropriately for this field trip. Your child will be very comfortable in a pair of sneakers as we will be doing a lot of walking. If it will be sunny, you may want to consider applying suntan lotion to your child.

If you are packing a lunch for your child, please do so in a brown paper bag labeled with their Full Name and 1-Douts. Make sure that all items in their lunch are things that can be disposed of, as we will not be bringing anything home. If your child signed up to bring a lunch from school, it will be provided for them.
If you are unsure of what you lunch choice you chose for your child, please send me a message and I will be more than happy to let you know!

Your child also does not need to bring any money on this trip, as we will not be visiting any gift shops.

We are looking forward to a wonderful day on Monday!

Welcome Back!!

Welcome Back to School! 

Our classroom is all set and ready for 26 eager first graders! I am excitedly awaiting our first day so I can finally meet and get to work with my new kiddos! Make sure your child gets plenty of rest and a healthy breakfast for our first day; we will have lots of fun learning! Please tell your child that I will be outside our classroom door waiting for their arrival!

Attached you will find another copy of my Back to School Letter, sent out this summer, as well as a copy of the Parent survey. If you have accidently misplaced the survey, here is another copy for you to print off or have access too!


Mrs. Douts

Game Day

Today, first grade had their last theme day! We had fun working together as teammates and playing games. We also read a story about an animal who learned how to play fairly, played math games, and took a game survey. In the survey we found that students in first grade liked video games the best and students who like board games and card games had a tie with 10 votes each.

At the end of the day, Mrs. Adams’ husband brought in a special treat…PIZZA! We celebrated our last theme day with a mini pizza party!

Animal Project

In our Biology Unit in Science, we are learning about animal features and why they are important to animals. We read a series called What If You Had Animal… by Sandra Markle and Illustrated by Howard McWilliam.
Students listened to:
What If You Had Animal Teeth!?
* What If You Had An Animal Nose!?
* What If You Had Animal Hair!?
* What If You Had Animal Feet!?

Students then chose which type of animal teeth, nose, hair and feet they would like to have and created them from their projects. Students then learned about the characteristics of diagrams as we labeled each part of our project. Our first grade class had a BLAST creating this project.

Check out our short video of our projects, which are proudly hanging in our hallway!