TEXTURE… what is it?

Today my 4th-6th grade artists began their classes outside in the fresh air!
*we got into 3 different groups and worked together to answer the questions on the worksheet…first discussed was the type of textures we felt in the artwork given to us, and then we compared and contrasted to the ‘piece of nature’ given to us by Miss Fasnacht (flower, rocks, sticks, etc.) Once we returned to the classroom we discussed our findings and turned our attention to the materials on our table. Miss Fasnacht told us to incorporate nature in our drawings, but otherwise use the materials however we wanted! We were prompted to experiment with the materials and see what sort of textures and techniques we could create… This process is making use of the ‘Stretch and Explore’ aspect of the Studio Habits of Mind Philosophy. Next class we will discuss the textures found in our experimental drawings/paintings and begin our first project which will be a 1st-6th grade mural placed in the hallway which focuses on both nature and texture!*

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