The school year starts soon and I hope everyone is super excited about the opportunities ahead! I just wanted to update everyone on some info and a little insight on what to expect…

On this blog I will be posting updates and important info regarding materials, if any, your child should bring to class.

Secondly, I will be posting images of activities, projects, and the art making processes from classroom activities on this blog. So, if you want a little extra insight as to what’s going on in the art room this year, stay posted!

Lastly, feel free to scroll through my ‘ABOUT’ page as well as head over to my ‘CONTACT’ page if you need to reach me. This blog is very new and will continue to have additions made/kinks worked out over the next few weeks… (this being said, if you run into any issues with the blog, please feel free to let me know!)

ALSO— on the sidebar (to the right) there will be photos shared from my Instagram page! Please follow painting_with_donuts on Instagram, if you’d like, where I’ll be posting very similar things as I do on this blog, just more photo-oriented.

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to a fantastic school year creating a lot of beautiful, creative, unique artwork!

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