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6th Grade Memory Bags & Final Farewell!

6th Grade Families,

We would like to invite your child & family to enjoy a drive-thru visit to Central Manor on Wednesday, May 27th between the hours of 9:00-11:00 AM

We plan on handing your family two bags.  The first bag will contain any personal items collected from your child’s desk and locker.  The second bag will be a special drawstring “Memory Bag” that will be filled with wonderful items that will help your child remember Central Manor.  

To help spread out our visits, we ask that you follow this guideline for arrival times:

Student LAST NAMES:  A-L:  9:00-10:00 AM

Student LAST NAMES:  M-Z:  10:00-11:00 AM

If the last name arrival time makes it difficult due to your work schedule, please arrive when you can.  If you have a unique circumstance, please e-mail Mr. Malek at:

We are asking you to follow these guidelines to help ensure the health & safety of all families and staff members:

*Enter through the main entrance directly in front of the main doors.

*Follow all traffic patterns and/or traffic cones.

*Please stay inside your car and your child’s teacher will hand you the bags.

*We ask that the person lowering the car window to receive the bags be wearing a mask.(as our staff will be wearing masks too)  

*Depending on the traffic behind you at the time, please be mindful that conversations may need to be brief.

*Follow the traffic flow to exit out of the parking lot.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing your 6th grader on Wednesday, May 27th.

4/9 – 4/16 Online Learning for Phase 2

New Assignments for 4/9 – 4/16

The first change is that these assignments are now expected rather than optional. The learning activities for the week of Monday, April 13th will be posted here on April 9th and due to me by midnight on Thursday, April 16th. Receipts of these assignments will be recorded in Sapphire. 

All assignments can be submitted through our Google Classroom. Please refrain from emailing any assignments as your submission unless there are problems with Google Classroom. I have “assignments” set up there in a category called Week of Monday, April 13th Distance Learning for submission as it keeps all work just a little more organized on my end.  Some of the assignments may encourage pictures or videos. There are directions for how to submit these in Google Classroom, as well. 

The second change is that I will be available daily Monday through Friday from 2:00PM to 3:00PM for office hours. During this time, students can have real time access to me for assistance and support. Please send me an email if you’d like support during that time! Finally, just a reminder that report cards for the 3rd marking period were posted on Sapphire last week. More information is available here.

I hope you and your families are staying safe during this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and I will be in contact as soon as possible.

Mr. Kersic


Hey there, 6th graders!

I’ve been thinking that it’s about time we have a game of Gimkit! This Wednesday (April 8) I will post the game code on PaperPlane room 19 at 1:50 PM. The game will then start at 2:00 PM. We will stick with basic math facts for this week, but who knows what we may try in the future if this goes well! Feel free to share with other 6th graders at CM or in the district. You are also welcome to share the code with siblings (I’m sure the rivalry is high after spending the past 3 and a half weeks in the same house constantly so why not take them down in a basic facts challenge?). Some of your teachers may even want to join in on the fun…

Let me know if you have any questions. “See” you Wednesday at 2:00!

Optional Learning Materials Available Now!

Dear 6K Families,

First, I want to thank you all for incredible patience and flexibility over the past few weeks. This has been an unexpected and unprecedented trial for all of us. We are learning and adapting along the way as things seem to be changing hourly. This time has been a priority check of what really matters. I care first and foremost about your health and safety. 

This week, Penn Manor is offering optional learning opportunities for students for enrichment and review. These activities are created by the district at large to provide some cohesion and uniformity for all students of the same grade level across Penn Manor. Each teacher had a hand in creating some activities, but not all. I will do my best to help as I can as confusion arises, so please don’t be afraid to email me! ( All information and descriptions of assignments can be found here

All optional assignments can be submitted through our Google Classroom. I have “assignments” set up there for submission as it keeps all work just a little more organized on my end. Some of the optional assignments encourage pictures or videos. There are directions for how to submit these in Google Classroom, as well. If at any point there are issues submitting in Google Classroom, an email submission is fine, too.

****Along with the optional assignments, I will also be continuing with our read aloud of, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. I will be posting youtube links on Google Classroom for students to listen in if they would like to!****

As things evolve and change over this time, the best places to look to stay updated are the district website, the Central Manor blog, and my personal blog. It is important that you are subscribed to the blog so that you are getting information as soon as it’s available!

You are all in my thoughts daily, and I look forward to the day we are together in person again!

Mr. Matthew Kersic

COVID-19 Internet Survey

Hello Families!

We are looking forward to returning back to some sense of “normalcy” and offer some online resources.  To be honest, at this time we do not know what this will look like.  The district’s teachers will be receiving training the remainder of this week and we will be figuring all of this out.  

The one thing we need to know right now is whether or not you have internet access.  If you can reply google form I have attached to this post that would be fantastic!!

Please know that this venture is new for all of us.  There are so many uncertainties.  We appreciate your grace and patience in advance!

Best Regards,

Mr. Kersic

Race for Education Info

The white page is an overall info sheet about the race day, schedule, incentives, the mailer and how to find the students online donation link. To find this go to there sponsors can search for students by first and last name and make online donations. It’s very simple! 

The green paper is the mailer, this can be used to send to a sponsor and have them enclose a check and mail it back. Unlike previous years we will not be mailing these out for families. Instructions on how to use this mailer are on the back of the white sheet. They are a special grade of paper specifically for using through the USPS system so it’s important to not just copy the paper if you would like to send out more than 1. There are a pile of extra mailers in the school office available at a first come, first serve basis.

PM Food Service & Meal Assistance

August 13, 2019

School is right around the corner. It’s not too early to start getting ready. You and your family may be eligible under a federal program for Child Nutrition. Research has shown that good nutrition has a positive impact on a child’s ability to focus and learn. It is important that we provide a nurturing environment for each child, so that individual success as a student can be maximized. We would encourage you to review the links below and submit an application. Even kindergarten students can qualify for meals; which is certainly helpful if you plan to send them to breakfast or for the days when they have a chance to eat lunch at school with the older students. Please contact Brian Malek for more details. All information is confidential. Many families are unaware that they qualify for this meal assistance program.

PM Food Services

Online Application

Online Eligibility for 2019-2020