Jackets and Pink

They have absolutely nothing in common, except I am going to Blog about them.

It is jacket weather and having the students learn how to put on their jackets on correctly is very important. We would appreciate if you would work with your child so they can be independent putting on and taking off their jacket. This includes turning it right side out.

Friday is our PINK OUT day. October is breast cancer awareness month and Penn Manor will wear pink this Friday to promote awareness. So, all students should wear pink this Friday. Anyone that purchased a Pink Out shirt received it today.

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Conference Letters

In your child’s folder today you will find a conference letter. This letter is to help me schedule our conference parent-teacher conference next month. Please note that kindergarten is here during the day on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

Please return these to school as soon as you can. Thank you

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Tomorrow –

We have “Made our Mark” so, tomorrow we will have a couple special events. Both classes will receive popsicles from Mr. Howe and Dr. Mealy. The morning class voted and they will be getting extra recess. The afternoon class voted for a pajama day.

Morning class – extra recess

Afternoon class- pajama day

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Folders are full tonight

There are many papers in the take home folders tonight. There are 2 sheets of homework. I promised that there would be a treat for every student who brought them both back.

The one paper that is not there is a newsletter and the calendar. I will do my best to finish it tonight.

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Calendar and Newsletter tomorrow

My goal is to get a calendar and newsletter out tomorrow. I always try to get at least a calendar out around the first of the month. If I do a newsletter I will put it on the back.

We had a great time at Apple Day. Thanks to everyone who helped by giving donations and/or volunteering your time. I am going to add pictures.

Karate Belts went home today. The order of the belts are as follows: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple. There are several more but you will notice them as they are put on. There is a note in the folder explaining how we “test” belts. I have a set of flashcards for each belt. The words are given out of order and must be done quickly with no hesitation. These are sight words and should not be sounded out (decoded). There are about 100 sight words that make up 50% of our text. Here is an interesting article if you want to read more about sight words. I do want you to practice with your child but please do not overdo it. We do not want them to lose the lov

e of learning.

Make sure to check folders tomorrow for homework. There will be 2 sheets. One to practice writing 2’s and the other to practice n and m. These sheets should never take more than 5-10 minutes. Please let me know if it is taking longer.

Book orders will also be in tomorrow’s folder. I will be ordering every month so feel free to put an order in at anytime my code is HFHLZ. SHHH! The book the students are getting this month is “The Legend of Spookley.”

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Where did the week go?

This week just seems to be flying by too quickly. We have worked on the letters n and m and will continue them into next week to make sure we know them well.

We are quiet reading to ourselves for almost 10 minutes consistently. Which is awesome! Next week we will begin to learn how to read with a partner.

In math we have been working on learning the concepts of the numbers 1-5. The goal next week is to add in the actually numbers. We start out very slow because the conceptual idea behind the numbers is so important to grasp.

Of course we have been reading apple stories! Tomorrow is apple day and it will be busy. Thank you for all your generous donations. I purchased 18 apples today and was a bit surprised that they cost 15.00. Your donations covered the cost! Also thank you to those of you who were able to volunteer tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing you.

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Busy Friday

It was a busy Friday! We did several activities that introduced our new book, “If you give a Mouse a Brownie.” I hope you enjoy this new book I think the students really enjoyed the day.

We love to read.
It is a great book.
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Picture Day is Tomorrow!

We were very busy today finishing up our weekly activities, because there is going to be a surprise. Check backpack and folders to find out about the surprise.

Speaking of backpacks and folders can you please make a point of checking them regularly. We send home a lot of information throughout the week and I would hate to see you miss anything important.

We also celebrated a birthday during our morning class and during our afternoon class. That is unusual, but is going to happen a few times this year. I also wanted to let you know there are 23 students in the morning class and 22 students in the afternoon class. This can change, so it is always good to check with me about the amount of students that are in class before sending in a treat.

There is reading homework every night. Tonight there is additional homework of writing the letters we have earned over the past 2 weeks. At most there are 2 adults in the room when we write our letters and it is hard to give every student the attention that they need to get the details. You helping them to write the letters again, with your undivided attention, is very beneficial.

Working together is the way we help ensure your child’s success.

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Family pictures and more…

Today we starting reading about families and how each family is different. We each made a page for out Family Class Book. If you haven’t sent in a family picture there is still time. We can add it to the pages we made today.

Tomorrow we begin learning about our numbers!

We will also be creating family trees. The trees are just for the people that live in our homes. There are cases I allow the children to make 2.

We have learned about the works “I” and “my”. I am planning to introduce “a” on Friday.

Today we earned our second reward for “Making our Mark”. It was an ice cream treat. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Perfect day for a treat.
Vanilla my favorite.
We made our mark.

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Picture Order Forms!

We just received the picture order forms today. They will be in the folders tomorrow. You can order on line. Picture Day is this Friday, September 20.

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