Is our Holiday Shopping day.

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Winter Coats, Holidays and more…

Good evening! I hope you are all doing well and have enjoyed your Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays. And now we are all off to the races with the next holidays coming up quickly, in just a few weeks.

I try my best to get the children out everyday. Even if it is just to walk to the playground, play for 5 minutes and walk back. Please have your children wear a winter coat, everyday. It would also be helpful to have your child practice zipping up their coat. It takes quite a bit of time to zip 15+ coats. Moving towards independence with coats, shoes and other dressing routines is important, especially as we move closer to 1st grade.

We will be talking about the holidays of Kwanza, Chankuah and Christmas. These brief books and lessons are normally about traditions and history. If you are concerned about what is being discussed in class please contact me so I can give you more detailed information. I am very aware that not everyone practices the tradition of Santa and other traditions. Please talk to your child about respecting other people’s traditions.

Remember: Tuesday Dec. 10 is our Shopping Day

More information about our winter celebration will be sent home tomorrow.

Friday December the 20th is Morning kindergarten only.

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Updates and reminders

Tomorrow night is the Kindergarten Literacy night. I am looking forward to seeing all of you who signed up. Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM.

Friday is outdoors day. Dress in clothes that have to do with activities outside; hiking and fishing are 2 examples. Types of clothing would be hiking boots, camouflage, flannel or orange vests.

December 10 will be our holiday shopping day. Information and the envelopes have already been sent home.

No AM kindergarten next Wednesday and PM kindergarten is extended.

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You must have your yearbook ordered by Friday. Go to this link and use the yearbook code 13344920. There are $15.00.

Friday night is a Hambright Family Fun Movie Night.

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One more thing

RSVP for the Kindergarten Literacy Night are due tomorrow.

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This and That

There is a PTO meeting tonight at 6:30.

There is 2 homework assignments tonight. One for math which is a review for the test tomorrow and the other one is writing the letters r and e. Please fill the entire line on the paper.

Disguise the turkey projects are due on Friday.

I did update the online calendar which is linked above the blog. It doesn’t have as much detail as the paper one I sent home but it has the basic information for the month.

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Just a reminder that there is no kindergarten tomorrow!

I have sent home a lot of information and work the last two days. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything.

If you can pick up leaves to bring to school the next day you are here it would be appreciated. Dry leaves do not work well for the project we will be doing. This link will give you an idea of what we will be doing.

The Turkey Project should be fun and creative. The idea is to “hide” the turkey so the farmer does not catch him. Check out this link for a lot of different ideas. Enjoy disguising your turkey.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone of you over the next couple of days. Please check your conference.

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Please Check Folders!

There was a lot of information sent home today. Please go carefully through your child’s folder. If you haven’t cleaned it out in a while this would be the perfect time to do it!

Please send in all Baggy books! We are missing quite a few. Thank You!

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Important Details for the coming week…

Monday and Tuesday are regular days.

Wednesday there is no kindergarten. Please check you time for conferences. There is 15 minutes scheduled for each conference, unless you have been notified of an extended time. Please be on time and I will have to keep the time for each conference.

On Thursday afternoon kindergarten only for an extended day. No Morning kindergarten.

On Friday Morning kindergarten Only for an extended day. No afternoon kindergarten.

Baggy Books were not sent home this week because we are missing many bags. Please send them in as soon as possible. We are hoping to get them home at the end of next week.

I sent home book orders last week. I would like the orders back by November 14. you can order on line at this link. Use my code HFHLZ.

I will be sending home a calendar on Monday.

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No school tomorrow, Friday Nov. 1

Tomorrow is a teacher in-service day. No school for students.

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