Wear a Tee Shirt Tomorrow and more

We have got PSSA’s down to a T. Wear a tee shirt tomorrow.

Please return library books. Book exchange on Thursday.

School is in session on Thursday. We will be painting with water colors.

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We are REDy for the PSSA!

Wear red tomorrow to show that we are ready for the PSSA’s.

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April Events

A new and updated calendar is being sent home this week for April.

This Thursday (4/4) is our Library Book Exchange. Please return library books by Thursday so that your child may sign out a new book.

Also, the last PTO meeting at the school is April 8th, Monday evening. Add this to your calendars if you would like to go. Childcare is provided.

Finally, if you would like to but a Hambright Leader shirt, the link is posted below:

Pro Look Uniform

Have a great first week of April!

-Miss Hess

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Today is the last day to order yearbooks. They are 15.00 and can be ordered at

The code is 13344919

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Hello from Ms. Kyper

I made a mistake and gave Ms. Hess the wrong date for Pajama Day. It is not Monday! It will be later in the month. Again- NO Pajama Day on Monday.

Also I had the weeks mixed up for library. Next week is book exchange week. So, let me straighten out the dates I gave.

No pajama day on Monday

April 4- Book exchange

Thanks for understanding.

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End of March Updates

Can you believe it is the last week of March already? Here are a few updates for this week:

Thursday (3/28) Library Book Exchange: Please send your library books back before Thursday!

Friday (3/29) We are taking our Chapter 8 Math Test on Comparing Objects.

Monday (4/1) Pajama Day! The school is having a pajama day for the first day of PSSA’s.

It’s been a great start for my full week of teaching! I just hope the temperature warms up outside for us all.

-Miss Hess

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Miss Hess has been teaching the unit on measurement. It has been full of fun and engaging activities. See a few pictures below of the students using balance scales.

Remember no school for afternoon kindergarten tomorrow and morning kindergarten is going on their field trip.

Using balance scales.
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Leprechauns and updates

The next few days will be busy!

Tomorrow we officially begin Spring. Which sounds great and we do go outside everyday that we can. When you step outside in the morning keep in mind the temperatures are not yet above 50 degrees and when you add the playground wind chill it can feel cold on some days. Coats are still a good option.

Thursday there will be time to go to the book fair. I you are going to send in money for your child to buy a book please place it in an envelope with their name on it. You also might want to make a note about what they can buy. There are a lot of posters and pencils at the book fair.

Friday- No School for afternoon kindergarten.

Field Trip for Morning kindergarten. Please look for reminders that will be coming home in folders tomorrow.

Enjoy our Leprechauns:

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Wear green tomorrow!

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Wear Green on Monday!

We will be learning about Saint Patrick’s Day on Monday. Wear green!

Books and Brownies is tonight in the Library. Come on out and browse through the books and enjoy some brownies.

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