The Final PTO Letter

The final PTO letter

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7 Butterflies!

We will now be releasing 7 butterflies. I think that is the most I have ever had come out of their chrysalis. Hope to see you at 3:15.

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6 Butterflies!

That is correct we now how 6 butterflies. I am so excited! I was beginning to think they wouldn’t come out of their Chrylsalis. I made a video so you could see them in their house. To be honest Macy’s (morning class) chrysalis starting hatching before our chrysalis (see the picture below). I am going to release the butterflies tomorrow and have scheduled a special meet so that you can see it. The meet is scheduled for 3:00 PM and I will be releasing the butterflies about 3:15. The 15 minutes will give me a little time to get everything set up. This is not a requirement, just an opportunity. Also Carter’s Granddmother (from the afternoon class) shared pictures from her butterfly garden. I have posted those below too.

Butterfly release meet at 3:00.

This is the last week of school. There are review items and math goal activities on the Kindergarten Learning Page. They are at the bottom of the page from last week.

Our final meet is scheuduled for Thursday. Special guests will be joining us. You do not want to miss this one!

Morning Meet at 10:00

Afternoon Meet at 2:30

Hope you can make the Meets this week!

Macy’s Butterflies

From Carter’s Grandmother’s butterfly garden

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Thank you notes!

It was so much fun to listen to Mr. Wisniewski read Clark the Shark today. If you were not able to join us just click on the title to watch the video. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Remember to write a thank you note. You can send them to me or directly to Mrs. Barnett at

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Transferred Chrysalis to the butterfly net

Today I transferred our chrysalis to the butterfly net. Here is a video that I recorded. It is not the best quality but I tried! I am hoping at least one comes out by Thursday. One chrysalis fell when I transferred the paper over. That one looked very close to coming out and was even moving.

I received a few pictures of what you did last Thursday for the Race for Education. I would love to see more!

Also parents if you have any pictures of our activities we did in the classroom can you send them my way, please?

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday.

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The Last Monday

This is the last Monday of the school year. I am sure you are ready for it to be over. The last few months have not been easy for any of us and I appreciate all you have done to help you child be successful.

I have been cleaning up the classroom. I found a watch. It appears as if it is a boy’s watch. Please let me know if it belongs to your child.

The following are the links for this week:

My Blog

The Kindergarten Activities Page

The AM Meet

The PM Meet

Thanks for all the work. loved seeing the dream rooms, drawings of the butterfly life cycle and your 3D shape work. Keep it up, we are on the home stretch.

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Tomorrow is the Hambright virtual Race for Education. Here is a message from our race coordinators:

“Hello Hambright families! This Thursday, May 14th is our Virtual Race for Education!

Please join us by walking or running laps in your back yard, around your house, or block. Then send us photos of you in action and/or of you holding a sign with the number of laps completed to

Remember to wear Penn Manor colors or Hambright t-shirts!”

Thank you!

Jamie Gerlach and Shannon Hanna, race coordinators

I look forward to seeing Penn Manor Colors or Hambright Tee Shirts tomorrow at our Meet.

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The bright sun today helped to lift my spirits. Hopefully you were all able to get outside and enjoy it. I want to take a moment to thank you for doing your very best with the Learning Activities. It has been wonderful seeing all the work and especially seeing the faces of your children, who I miss so very much!

Another Parent shared more informtion about a Covid Time Capsule. Click here to get the information. I do really appreciate all you share with me.

Meet ups for this week:

Thursday Morning at 10:00 for the AM class meet.

Thursday Afternoon at 2:30 for the PM class meet.

Just in case you haven’t seen the lastest video with Hambright Staff running, here it is.

More butterflies! They are beautiful.

3-D shape work

Word caterpillars and real ones that Macy is observing. Also life cycle work from Braydin.

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Snowy Saturday???

It is hard to believe that they are calling for “snow showers” tomorrow. We’ll see!

Thanks for sharing your child’s work this week. I really enjoy seeing what they are doing and how they are growing. Thanks to everyone who shared their final butterfly picture. See you all next week.

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Butterflies and more

As always I loved seeing you all today. If you were not able to make it today, I hope to see you next week.

I would love to see your completed butterfly so, please send me a picture of it when you are finished coloring it.. I have already seen a few and they are beautiful. I will share the ones I get tomorrow.

My post about nonsense words has raised some questions. I recorded a BRIEF video about how to practice nonsense words. This video and nonsense word practice will “live” on the resource’s page. If you look at the top of the blog post you can see the different pages. The resource page is one of those pages.

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