Tomorrow is wear you favorite sport’s team shirt

Tomorrow wear your favorite team shirt or jersey to school. I’ll be wearing my favorite Eagles shirt.

Today was our second visit to the library. If the first book was not returned your child did not get another book today. Our next library visit is January 21st. That is when the books borrowed today need to be returned. If you are done sooner I will take them when you send them in.

Baggy books vs Reading book bags.

Baggy books are over and I am doing my best to collect them. They are the bags with the number in the clear pocket. I would really appreciate if you would return them as soon as possible.

Reading books bags are similar bags but have your child’s name in the front pocket. These should always be kept in your child’s back pack. We are learning to read these books and then they are sent home. Your child should read them to you. Multiple readings improves how your child reads.

Please return report card covers if you haven’t already.

Look for book orders tomorrow.

Finally, pictures from 100 day.

100 Math Day Game
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