It is matter!

We are wrapping up our chemistry unit this week. We have been talking about solids, liquids and gas. We froze water, melted ice cubes and watched water vapor rise from the pot of boiling water. Everyone loved watching this. I am not going to share our final activity but it will be a sweet activity.

We have begun guided reading. A note with several details was sent home today. One change that will occur is there will be no more Baggy Books. Instead your child will have a guided reading book to read to you.Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Tomorrow I will be sending home kindness hearts. Whenever your child does something kind, have them fill out the heart, you sign it and send it in. We are going to make an Act of Kindness Door. I am looking forward to filling that up.

I am also hoping to get a newsletter written with more information. Keep your eye out for it.

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