Here comes the sun….

I hope that got a few of you singing, although maybe I just dated myself.

I am enjoying calling and talking to all of you. I MIGHT be about halfway finished. If I don’t speak to you in person I will leave a message and send an email or call back. Next week we will be rolling out on line activities for you to do at home. These will not be graded assignments and will mostly be a review. I am also going to set RAZ kids accounts for anyone who would like one. More information on that next week.

Today’s resource sight is PBS kids. My favorite was the engineering games.

Parker performed an experiment with the help of his Dad. he was blowing bubbles from a CD. I was trying to load the video and did not have much luck. I will try again later. Thanks for sharing Parker.

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2 Responses to Here comes the sun….

  1. Helen Deverter says:

    Hope you are staying safe and healthy! I have a question about the book order. Since they were supposed to be delivered to the school, will they deliver them to our homes instead? Not sure who I could contact or if you have heard anything.

  2. Mrs. Kyper says:

    Thanks for bringing that up Mrs. Deverter. It is on my radar and Scholastic said they will mail them to home addresses. Since your order was placed before this all happened I want to call and see how they want to handle that.

    As an FYI I didn’t submit the order because we were not going to be in school.

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