Conferences and more…

I am looking forward to meeting with all of you over the next few days. Please keep in mind that conferences are scheduled for only 15 minutes and I will have to keep us to that time linit in order to be respectful of everyone’s time. Please make sure to check your Child’s backpack for a conference packet I sent home/will send. I will send them the week night before your child’s conference. I will be reviewing this information during our conference.

If you did not sign up for a conference I have scheduled a time for you. Once again please check your child’s folder for information on the time.

One more thing tonight. I am a firm believer in getting the children outside even when it is cold. Sometimes we go out just to walk to the playground and back. We DO go out on days that it hovers around 32 and it is sunny. Please make sure that your child has the appropriate clothing to go outside in colder temperatures. Please contact me if you need help with any winter clothing.

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