A special thanks and more

Today our classes received a large donation of supplies which included glue sticks and crayons for every student. Sending the extra supplies home during our virtual time almost completely wiped out all the crayons and glue sticks I had for the rest of the year. A special thanks to the Wenzel family.

During the second half of the year we are starting to put the basic concepts we have been learning together. In ELA we will begin guided reading groups and in math we learn addition and subtraction (more information below). Please keep up to date with what we are doing and support you child at home by reading to them and continuing to add math into daily activities (counting steps, writing numbers and anything else you can think of).

Now that we have finished counting, recognizing and writing numbers 1-20 we will be moving on to addition and subtraction. We begin this journey by composing and decomposing (making and taking apart) numbers. The concepts will get increasingly more difficult through the next couple of chapters. Please make sure to complete homework assignments and check math tests closely.

In kindergarten I believe that all math tests (and most other work) should receive a star and a sticker so, that is what I do. However, not all students have the same success with tests/test taking. Please take a close look at your child’s math test and other work. That way you will know how they are doing with the math concepts we are learning. Math test for chapter 3 are being sent home today (afternoon class) or tomorrow (morning class).

Zipping Coats-
I normally make learning to zip coats and tying shoes Christmas homework. I did not have the heart to do that this year. It is very important that your child become independent with putting on their coats, including buttoning or zipping and tying their shoes. You may think that zipping up a coat or tying shoes for a child is not a big deal. You are right, until you have to zip up 18-19 coats and tie 36-38 shoes. Please take a little time to help your child learn these skills.

These Friday is a Spirit Day. Please feel free to wear Hambright or Penn Manor shirts or colors. Colors are normally blue and gold. Here is the link to the original blog post.

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