Earth Day and Butterflies

Last Friday was Earth Day. To help our Earth we released our butterflies. This is always an exciting day for the students. The morning class also volunteered to pick up trash at recess. I was pleasantly surprised when the students brought up the idea! There are some pictures below. We will be finishing up our unit on butterflies this week.

In math we started a new topic about ten numbers this week. We are composing (putting together) teen numbers. We use a group of 10 and some ones to begin understanding teen numbers. Here is the Parent Tip Sheet for this topic.

I have starting using reading books with students. As I do I am sending these books home for your child to read with you. The main goal for reading these books together is start applying the skills we have been learning. One of the most important is for beginning readers to use there finger to point to the words.

Thursday, May 5– Fine Arts Day

Friday, May 13- Early Dismissal Day and Jumpstart First Grade for morning kindergarten classes. Please return Jumpstart RSVP’s as soon as possible.

Friday, May 20- Race for Education

Wednesday, June 1– Kindergarten Celebration

Hambright Family Picnic- This is a schoolwide event and takes place in the evening.

Thursday, June 2 – Beach Day- This is also the last Kindergarten Day

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